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What is Flexi-pay?

Flexi-pay allows a customer to spread the cost of the product (excluding postage and packaging) across 2, 3 or 4 instalments, interest free. The first payment is taken when you place your order and the other payments in subsequent instalments.

Step 1) Look for the Flexi-pay symbol

Wherever you see this Flexi-pay symbol, on television or on the website, it means Flexi-pay is available, if you want it.


Step 2) See the Flexi-pay details on the product page

Flexi-pay Product PageIf you want to know what Flexi-pay options are offered, simply click on the ‘Flexi-pay Details’ tab on the product page. This will show you how many payments you will make, and how much each payment will be. Alternatively, contact us to discuss the options.

Step 3) Put More Purchases in Your Flexi-Basket

Flexi-pay Checkout PageOnce you have added one Flexi-pay item to your basket, you can add other items – and these will also be included in your Flexi-pay plan*.

* Please check your basket before you check out as some items may not be available on Flexi-pay.

Step 4) Select your Flexi-pay items in the checkout

Flexi-pay Checkout PageOnce you have added your items to your basket and go to checkout, you will be taken to an Order Confirmation page. Under Order Details, tick the box to choose Flexi-pay – and scroll down to see your available payment options. Tick the box of your choice.

Step 5) Confirm your checkout selection and first payment

Flexi-pay SummaryRead through your Order Summary to check that Flexi-pay has been applied and that your first payment (made with your order), is what you expect. If you order over the phone, our Customer Services adviser will confirm your plan.

Step 6) You will receive a letter through the post, detailing your purchase and confirming payment amounts and the dates they will be taken from your credit/debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

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