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Snore Wizard Anti Snoring Device with Protective Case

Snore Wizard Anti Snoring Device with Protective Case 3.1 5 130 132
Not for me!! I had watched the demo's for this before buying. I tried to get over the gag factor and the excess saliva when using it, but the device is way to big for my mouth, it kept falling out and wasn't pleasant to wear. so its gone back. 23 July 2014
At last something that works I thought snoring was something I had to suffer with. This device cured that and now I have my life back. 19 July 2014
good value My wife saw this on t.v. and said you have got to try this, she has slept in the spare room for nine years because of my constant snoring, and when we go on holiday we have to share a cabin and she said if I don't stop snoring she will end up throwing herself overboard, this is why I would recommend this device I have used it now for two weeks and she said she has not heard me snore at all, she could even hear me through the wall in the bedroom, she has told me the first few night's she came to check if I was still alive because I was so quiet, 30 July 2014
Good night's sleep Ordered online after watching it on the TV and saw the explanation or why we snore. After a few nights of getting used to using the Snore Wizard, I woke up feeling refreshed. My sleep cycle hadn't been interrupted by the snoring and I felt great. Well worth the money spent, just wish I'd bought two. 14 May 2014
Not good Bought this product as I thought it would help me with my snoring, but it has had no effect, 13 May 2014
Been a big help My snoring was threatening to spoil a fairly new relationship, as my partner was unable to get a full night's undisturbed sleep. I purchased the Snore Wizard in both hope and desperation and, am glad to report that it has helped and my relationship is no longer at threat. Results seen (or heard) immediately, on the first night of wearing and quite quick to get used to. I am told that if I wake in the night and go back to sleep, the effect seems to be diminished a little, but my partner has said that I have only woken her once or twice, since using this product. I am still perusing a medical option to alleviate my snoring, but have found the Snore Wizard to be a great help, in the mean time. 13 May 2014
This is amazing! Believe me when I say i've tried everything to stop my partner's snoring and was very sceptical BUT wow - this works! It took a couple of days for partner to get used to but it's soft and not uncomfortable, just feels odd at first. Please if you are at the end of your tether like me then BUY THIS you wont be disappointed - my life is so much better now we can both sleep at night! 13 May 2014
Amazing results Just like most people who snore, I've tried everything, but to no avail. I started snoring about 4 years ago, due to PND, which will, eventually be sorted, but in the meantime, I have suffered the embarrassment of admitting I snore, worse than that, over the past 6 months it's gotten so bad my husband and I start out in the same bed, but never end up in it together, it's been so upsetting. The first night I wore it, wasn't great, I took it out half way through the night, the second night I was determined to keep it in and clenched it so hard I cut my gums! Gave it a few days rest and tried again and I have to say it's working brilliantly. As suggested I did cut it down for an easier fit and have had no discomfort at all. After the first minute I'm fine with it. I never realised how much my sleep was being disturbed by my snoring until I had a good nights sleep, I felt so different, not tired when I woke up. Please give it a go, it takes getting use to for sure, you may gag or even drool, but honest, stay with it and reap the benefit, it really does work. 21 June 2014
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  • Stop anti-social snoring
  • Get a proper night's rest
  • Comfortable-to-wear mouthpiece
  • Wear it and continue to breathe as normal
  • 14 day money-back guarantee

Snoring is a very common problem that disturbs the sleep of many of us... but there's no need to suffer any longer! Ideal World would like to introduce the Snore Wizard - a mouth piece that could help you get the good night's sleep you crave.


  • 1 x Snore Wizard
  • 1 x Case


What is snoring?

In most cases snoring is the sound made by vibrations of the soft palate and other tissue in the mouth, nose and throat caused by turbulence inside the airway when breathing in.  The snoring or turbulence is caused by a partial blockage which can be located anywhere, but usually at the soft palate at the back of the throat. This usually only occurs during sleep when the muscles relax and there is insufficient muscle tone to stop the airway tissue from vibrating (normally, during waking hours, muscle tone keeps the airway clear).

Not only does the person snoring have a bad night's sleep, but so does the person forced to listen.  If you can stop the snoring, both parties will have a better night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. 

How does Snore Wizard work and what does it do?

It is well documented that if you bring the lower jaw just a few millimetres forward, in a large number of cases this can ease or stop snoring as the soft palate restriction is opened up. 

Some people have these devices specially made by dentists, but these are expensive and time-consuming. The Snore Wizard is a simple device that is designed to move the lower jaw slightly forward; it is made out of soft plastic and comfortable to wear - all you do is pop it in your mouth, close your mouth, and the snoring will usually stop!


The questions people usually ask are...

Is it comfortable? Obviously sleeping with something in your mouth takes a little while to get used to, but most people usually find they get used to it within a week.

How does one size fit all? Unlike hard plastic devices that have to be heated and moulded to your teeth shape, the Snore Wizard is made in a semisoft plastic that fits to the shape of most people's jaws, as the front jaw profile does not vary greatly.

How do you breathe? There is a breathing hole which allows mouth breathing, although a lot of people continue to breathe through their nose once they use a Snore Wizard.

Is it medically approved? The Snore Wizard is a mandibular advancement device that is acknowleged by sleep experts as one of the best ways to treat snoring, and is used and recommend by NHS sleep clinics around the country.

Does it work for everyone who snores? No as there are different types of snoring, but it works for most people and if it does not work for you, or you don’t like it, just post it back for a full refund.

How long will it last? Depending on how often it is used, it will last for about a year on average.

IMPORTANT The Snore Wizard is not suitable for:

  • Sufferers of severe sleep apnoea (mild sleep apnoea is OK)
  • Those with breathing difficulties, such as severe asthma or epilepsy
  • Those with sensitive teeth, loose teeth or prone to jaw-ache
  • Anyone who has dentures, and removes them at night

Please note: This is not a medical device and may not work on all people.

Avoid sleeping on your back if you can – you are much more likely to snore in that position.

Cut down on alcohol in the evening – it makes you much more likely to snore; so do sleeping pills as the muscles relax more.

Try and sleep with your head slightly raised – you can do this by bunching up a pillow – the throat stays clearer that way.

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