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Technology: Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot access the internet from my Android phone via 3G/data network, how can I fix this?

Are you frustrated that you can't browse the internet when you're not using Wi-Fi? Receiving messages from your mobile network about someone sending Multimedia Messages that never arrive? If these concerns sound familiar then there's an issue with your APN settings.

Click for a full list of networks and the settings which you will need to amend

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How do I use UK SatNav on my Android Smartphone?

Your phone may have some European maps built in for the satellite navigation feature. If you do not want to keep these, they can be removed and replaced with UK mapping from the Google Play Store with a choice of UK GPS apps such as 'NavFree' (others available). To remove the old map, go to settings on your app home screen, then on the left hand side go to apps. You will then need to scroll the option bar at the top to 'all' to show all apps. Scroll down to the 'old' map app that you do not want i.e. Mireo, and tap uninstall or delete (whichever is appropriate).

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How do I download Facebook (and other legacy apps) on my iPad 1 with iOS 5?

Mac users

Connect iPad 1 to iTunes
Authorise your computer for the iPad: in the top bar menu select Store> Authorise this computer (you can do this on 5 different computers)
Select View Account in the same menu Store>View Account
Select App store from the choices from the menu, This will take you to the app store on your computer.
Select and download load Facebook for iPad
It will appear in the menu pane
Disconnect your iPad
Go to the app store and find Facebook (or other legacy app). Tap to download and it will give you the option to download the older version.

Windows users

Open iTunes
Connect your iPad
Select iTunes store top right of screen
Select App Store from the menu that runs across the top of the store
Select iPad from the two choices (iPhone - iPad)
Search for Facebook (or other legacy app)
Download Facebook
Disconnect your iPad by selecting Library top right of screen
Select iPad eject from the icon next to iTunes Store top right of screen
Then go to the App store on your iPad and search for Facebook
Tap to download the App. Your iPad will ask if you want to download the previous edition compatible with iOS 5.
Tap to download.

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Why isn’t BBC iPlayer working on my CNM tablet?

You may need to update iPlayer and adjust some settings as below:
Click on the iPlayer icon from within the App Menu.
On the popup window which appears, select the “Use by default for this action.” option and then touch the Browser icon.
Once the BBC Mobile website has loaded, click on a program to begin viewing.
If you see the message “Your device is not able to support BBC iPlayer”, tap on the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (this looks like a vertical line of dots).
Tap on the “Settings” menu option.
Tap on the “Debug” menu option.
Tap on the Browser mode option.
Tap on the Android option.
Finally, tap the return icon in the bottom left hand corner to get back to the web browser page (this looks like an arrow pointing left).
Tap on the settings icon again and check that “Request desktop site” is not ticked. If it is, then tap on the entry to untick it. Please try refreshing the web page.
If you see a popup window which is titled “Update now”, click on the “OK” button.
On the popup window which appears, select the “Use by default for this action.” option and then touch the Google Play Store icon.
Google Play Store will now open (you must have setup your Google Account already) and the BBC Media Player app will be shown. Tap on the Update button in the top right hand corner.
Tap the “continue” button on the App permissions window which appears.
You can now go back to the iPlayer app and access content from the BBC Mobile website.

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How do I connect to my wireless internet network?

You will need to have a wireless network/wireless router and subscribe to broadband in order to access wireless internet at home.
Unlock your tablet device.
Tap the 'Settings' icon.
Tap the 'Wifi' button on the left hand side so that Wifi is 'On'.
Select your network from the list.
Note: If a password is required, you will need to type it using the on screen keyboard. It will be typed with asterisks so that you cannot see what you have typed. If you would like to see what you are typing, tap the 'Show Password' box.
Tap 'Connect'.
You will now be connected. Return to the home screen to use apps that require internet access such as Google Play or Browser.

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Why is my screen turning off?

Your screen may be set to 'turn off if unused for a certain amount of time', but you can change this:
Tap 'Settings'.
Tap 'Display' on the left hand side.
Tap 'Sleep' on the right hand side.
Select the length of time to wait until the screen turns off if unused.

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How do I turn on Bluetooth?

Tap 'Settings'.
Tap 'Bluetooth' on the left hand side so that Bluetooth is 'On'.
Select the device you wish to pair with or use on the right hand side.
You may need to click a button or a code on the bluetooth device to complete set-up.

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How do I download Apps?

You will need to have a Google eMail address in order to login to the Google Play Store and download Apps.
Tap 'Play Store'.
If you already have a 'Gmail' account, proceed to log in. If not, please tap 'Create Account'. This can also be done manually by visiting ''.
Once you have logged in you will be able to search for apps. when you have found an app you wish to download, tap the 'install' button on screen to confirm. Your app will download in the background and will be on your app screen when complete.

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How do I get Windows on my Tablet?

Your tablet runs on the Android system only. It is not designed to run Windows because Windows is designed for desktops, laptops and more powerful tablets.

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Do I need Anti-Virus?

We strongly suggest that our customers use anti-virus and/or internet security on their tablets due to the vulnerabilities and threats online. Where possible, we include a one year subscription to a security service with some of our tablets however we also sell it on our website should you need to purchase it for an existing device.

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Should I buy a Screen Protector?

Most tablets come with a screen protector installed onto the screen for shipping, however this should not be kept on the device permanently and so we would advise to remove it. If you decide to purchase an everyday screen protector, please be advised that in SOME cases this can desensitise the touch screen and make it work less effectively. If you feel that your screen may be working less than perfectly, please remove any screen protector for testing prior to requesting a repair or return.

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Why is my Joytab 9.7 inch Android tablet losing connection with the Bluetooth keyboard?

An update has been released by the manufacturer in case you are experiencing the issue. On your tablet, go to the Gemini Updater App and click yes to install when it asks you to update. Follow the instructions on screen to install the update and remedy the issue

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Why is my iPad not charging from my computer?

The power output on the USB port on a computer is lower than the iPad charging plug and so the iPad will say that is not charging, however it will be charging, but at a far slower rate. For best results, charge from the mains plug.

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How do I set up my iPad?

There are a few questions the iPad asks when it is first switched on such as country, language and network settings. You will need to connect to a wireless internet network or connect to a computer and activate in iTunes in order to set up your iPad. This normally takes around two minutes in total.

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Why does my tablet screen turn off when connected to my TV by HDMI?

Some tablets can be connected to an HDTV via HDMI cable. In some cases, the tablet screen will remain on so that the user can control the tablet while others watch on the bigger screen i.e. games. Other tablets connect to a TV simply for playing video, so the tablet screen will turn off when connected to a TV as you do not need to use the screen when playing a video on the TV.

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Why won’t my Yarvik phone connect to my 3G Data? or Why can’t I access the internet on my Yarvik phone?

In some cases, your network SIM card may not automatically adjust settings so that your phone can use 3G data and access the internet. This is not a problem with the phone; it is due to the fact that network SIM cards are set to automatically configure the most popular handsets, only. To get your Yarvik phone to work for data, you may need to follow these steps when the phone is first turned on with the SIM card:

1. When first turned on, the phone will display a ‘new SIM card detected’ message. Hit the ‘change’ button.

2. The next display screen will say ‘data connection off’; tap on this to take you to the next screen

3. Tap Vodafone/O2/Relevant network to ‘turn on’. This may take a while to load, but please allow this to complete.

4. Once this has completed fully, go into settings / ‘more’ / mobile network / access point names and change the authentication type to PAP.   

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I can’t download Panda Mobile Security from Google Play. How can I download it??

Please visit the following link to find easy instructions on how to download the Panda Mobile Security App directly from Panda if you are unable to find it in the Google Play Store: .

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Got another question?

Please contact the manufacturer for the most up-to-date product support. However, should you have a question that you feel should be in this Frequently Asked Questions section, please send it to and check back to find your answer.

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