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Why choose Flexi-pay?

What is Flexi-pay?

We know how tough it can be to budget for and afford those big household purchases. So, to give you a helping hand and make life a little more affordable we have a Flexi-pay option.

Flexi-pay means you can spread the cost of your new items into two, three or four easy, monthly instalments - all completely interest free.

When you order you'll make your first payment, along with any Postage & Packaging costs. Then there's no waiting around, your product will be dispatched for you to enjoy straightaway.

When Flexi-pay is available it's clearly marked on our products with payment options displayed. If you order any other items at the same time, you can add these to your payment plan and spread the cost of your entire basket.

Treat yourself today, without breaking the bank. Discover our fantastic Flexi-pay products >

Benefits of Flexi-pay

Flexi-pay FAQs

What happens if I order some products on Flexi-pay and some non-Flexi-pay products at the same time?

If you have some Flexi-pay and some non-Flexi-pay items on the same order, you may be offered the opportunity to pay for all products by Flexi-pay. If you don't want to do this, or if you are not offered this option, you will pay for any non-Flexi-pay items in full when you place your order.

What if I order two Flexi-pay products at the same time but with different payment schedules?

If you order two products at the same time but with different payment schedules (a two and a three month term for example), you will be given the choice of paying for both over the longer time period.

How do I pay?

Flexi-pay instalments must be paid with a credit or debit card. At this time Maestro Debit and PayPal are not supported for payment by Flexi-pay. We take payment of the first instalment and postage and packaging when you place your order and then subsequent instalments automatically from the same card until the order is paid in full.

If the credit or debit card with which you are proposing to pay for your Flexi-pay order expires within 1 month of the final instalment under your Flexi-pay Plan is due to be taken, then you will not be able to use this card to pay for your Flexi-pay order.

Please note: If the credit or debit card used to pay Flexi-pay instalments is lost, stolen, or cancelled, you must contact Customer Services so we can update your Flexi-pay account. Changing the card details stored against your regular Ideal World account will not automatically update your Flexi-pay account.

Can I change the credit/debit card I use to pay my Flexi-pay instalments?

Yes. If your credit card is lost or stolen or you simply wish to change your details. You can call our Customer Services department (08717 123456), we can update the credit or debit card details held for you. If you change your card details while you have any Flexipay instalments outstanding, then the next instalment(s) due will be taken when you register your new card with us even if this is earlier than when the instalment is otherwise due. This ensures that the credit or debit card details have been validated.

How do I settle the account early?

Please contact Customer Services and we will be able to take payment from you for your remaining instalments in one go.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We understand that sometimes mistakes happen. If we attempt to take a payment and your bank declines it, we will send you a letter to let you know.

We will attempt to take payment again 14 days after the original instalment date. If your card is declined again, we will add a £15.00 plus VAT administration charge to your outstanding balance which will be payable immediately, along with your missed instalment.

What happens if the third attempt to take payment fails?

We will attempt to collect an instalment three times before handing it over to a debt collection agency. On the second and third attempt we will add a £15.00 plus VAT administration charge to your account.

If you have still not paid, all outstanding payments due for your items (the missed instalments and any future instalments otherwise due at a later date) will be payable immediately in full, together with the combined £30 plus VAT administration fee.

A debt collection agency will be instructed to recover these amounts from you who will add additional charges to the debt. Document and administration charges of 14% plus VAT will be added when the agency is instructed to recover the debt. This charge will be increased to 29% plus VAT if a doorstep collection is required.

Failure to settle the account with the debt collection agency may result in legal action being taken against you and any legal fees and costs added to your debt.

What happens if I need to return an item paid for with Flexi-pay?

If you find you need to return an item, we will refund your card for the amount you have paid so far for that item excluding Postage & Packaging. If your order was for more than one Flexi-pay item and you still have further instalments to pay, then we will adjust your schedule accordingly and notify you by letter. Your statutory rights are not affected.

How are my instalments calculated?

Ideal World may provide an instalment amount that differs from the amount you had expected, especially when discount vouchers are involved. If you have applied a discount voucher to your order, the discount voucher has to be split amongst the items on your order, and across the Flexi-pay instalments. When your order cannot be split equally over 2, 3 or 4 instalments, Ideal World will always add the extra to the first instalment, so please bear this in mind.