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Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape
  • Large bust
  • Narrow hips
  • Full midsection
  • Tendency to gain weight on your stomach, back and upper body
  • Waist is undefined and the widest part of your frame

Dressing the Apple Shape:

The key to dressing an apple body type is to de-emphasize your midsection and create a more defined waist. This is achieved by choosing clothes that add curves and fullness to your lower body and tops that taper to a waist. You probably have great legs, so feel free to play with skirt lengths (but don’t go too short, otherwise you will further a top-heavy look). Chances are you have a good-sized bust, so there are plenty of ways to draw the eye away from the waistline. Have a proper bra fitting - there’s nothing like an ill-fitting bra to ruin an outfit. Streamline your body shape by wearing the same colour on top and bottom, or very similar shades.

Clothes to Look out for

Tops: Look for tops that will taper your upper body while creating a more defined waist:

  • Tops with nipped or belted waists
  • Square, wide V or U necks
  • Wrap style tops and jackets
  • Tops with vertical details
  • Sleeve detail draws attention from the tummy area
  • Large statement necklaces
  • Shapewear for an instant tummy tuck

Bottoms: Look for bottoms that will minimize your lower half:

  • Flat fronted Trousers & Jeans with full or wide legs
  • Knee length A-Line or straight cut skirts for a more streamlined look
  • Mid-rise waists with wide waistbands


  • Waistline detail
  • Tapered and skinny trousers and jeans
  • Highwaisted bottoms
  • Pleats
  • Bulky knits