Elizabeth Grant has developed a premium range of products that incorporate her special ingredient Torricelumn – a combination of natural sea vitamins, nutrients and minerals – that has revolutionised skin care.

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Best moisturiser I’ve ever usedSuperKate, Lancs

By far the best skincare on the market for me and I’ve tried many different brandsFizzbop

My absolute lost island product!Angi, Germany

What is Torricelumn?

The heart of Torricelumn is extracted from the fronds, but the true secret of its transformative powers is hidden within the pods that keep the clusters of fronds afloat. These pods lift the leaf-like fronds to the ocean’s surface, allowing them to absorb sunlight, photosynthesizing oxygen, the source of life and energy.

The seawater absorbed by kelp is similar to human plasma, allowing us to obtain the full nutritive benefits of the sea’s vitamins and minerals through the process of osmosis. To preserve their freshness, the plants must reach the laboratory by nightfall. There they go through an endothermic process. Biologically-active substances and a soup of natural sea vitamins, nutrients and minerals bond together. This is how the substance known as Torricelumn is formed - the compound that has revolutionised skin care.

Elizabeth Grant's story …

"I started this company in 1958 in London, England.

I did not always have the beautiful skin that I have today. My skin was damaged by a bomb blast during the Second World War.That was a difficult time for me as I was so conscious of how I looked. I used to walk around with dark glasses and tried to avoid people.

All that changed when I read about a special mixture - Torricelumn. I had some made up for me and I started to use it as part of my skincare regime. The glasses came off and I felt confident again.

At the time I was a make-up artist. One day, one of my favourite clients came in for her make-up. Her skin was a mess and looked tired. While I was applying her make-up she asked me how I kept my skin so good. I told her about the preparation that had been specially formulated for me. She asked me if I had some and, of course, I gave her a sample.

10 days later she called me to ask if I could get her some more. When I saw her 6 weeks later, her skin was glowing. That was my “AHAH” moment. I realised I had a product that made a difference. I decided to develop my own skincare lines that contained my secret formula I called Torricelumn.

I am now in my eighties and have beautiful skin - which I feel I owe to Torricelumn."

On the strength of her miracle blend, Torricelumn, and her own determination and perseverance, Elizabeth evolved the company from a home-based business to a multi-million dollar global corporation.