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Downloading and Printing Instructions:

  1. Before continuing, please make sure you have installed Adobe Acrobat reader (required); you can download it from this location:

    Click Here

    If you already have Adobe Acrobat reader, please continue from step 2 below
  2. Right Click and Save As, on the download link shown on the left of this page
  3. Save the PDF to a location on your computer
  4. Open the PDF by double-clicking on it (this should open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat)
  5. Go to File > Print
  6. Click on Properties and make sure A4 100% is selected and click OK
  7. Press OK to print out the Foot Width Measuring Guide

Ladies Foot Width Measuring Guide Instructions:

Cut along the dashed line.
Put the measurement tape face side down onto a flat surface. Then place the widest part of your foot centrally on the tape.
Wrap the tape across the
top of your foot and note
the measurement.
Start at your shoe size and move across the chart to the measurement closest to your individual foot measurement. Move down the chart to get your width fitting.
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