Local Mobility are a family run British company who have been helping to improve customers day to day lives since 2009 through lifestyle enhancing products and services.

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The lightweight, folding, portable mobility scooter
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“My Luggie scooter, named 'Luigi', has been to Mexico, Brisbane & Sydney, as we followed the Rugby tour last year. It's also been up to the Sky Deck, 66 floors up in Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia. The Luggie has really made a huge difference to my life as I've retained my independence and am still able to travel with our friends.”


“The Luggie really does let me live a life that I can plan and enjoy.”

MS Skippon

“I am a solo traveller aged 70 and my Luggie scooter has enabled me to carry on cruising and visit many foreign places which I would otherwise have missed. It has been everywhere from the Holy Church in Jerusalem to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and is absolutely wonderful.”


“Happy times. What an amazing piece of kit the Luggie is. My husband and I have travelled to many countries in the two and a half years we have had this wonderful machine. We cannot thank you enough for giving him his freedom and independence back.”

Nicola Martindale

“I bought the Luggie Super Scooter earlier on this year for cruise holidays more than anything else. It is wonderful! It has freed not only me but also my husband to be able to do more. I was aware that I always held him back and as my arthritis has progressed it has become more and more difficult. Now I am free and can enjoy myself, go on more trips and just wander round the ports we stop at. Great customer service and brilliant product.”

Judi Strain

“The ability to manoeuver in tight spaces around the home, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is its real USP and is one often undersold”

Stephen Jones