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O’RIANE comes from the French word Orane meaning sunrise. But O’RIANE is more than just a sunrise... The sunrise is a metaphor for that unique fleeting moment at the start of a new day. When dark becomes light... when night becomes day... where the start of something new and full of expectation begins. It's about capturing a single moment in time – new beginnings, hope, light and expectant promise. Show featuring guest experts Nick Ede and Joani Walsh

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Nick Ede

Guest Expert : Nick Ede

Award winning fashion, lifestyle & brand expert

Joani Walsh Show Guest

Guest Expert

Joani Walsh

Beauty Editor with 25 years' experience writing for publications such as Top Santé, Cosmopolitan and the Mirror

Imogen Matthews: Award-winning beauty journalist & consultant

Scent Review

Staff at Taking Shape share their thoughts at our exclusive range of scents

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O'RIANE fragrances capture a moment in time.

O'RIANE is a brand new range of fragrances for both men and women, launched exclusively with Ideal World for Winter 2013.