Frequently Asked Questions

» When will my order be delivered?
» How much weight will I lose?
» What can I drink?
» How does it work?
» How do I prepare the shakes?
» How much fruit and veg do I need to add?
» How long will I have to stay on it for?
» Is this diet similar to 'Lighter Life'?
» Is this diet similar to Cambridge?
» Will I go into Ketosis?
» How do I heat the meals
» How do I mix the shakes?
» How long will the shakes last once made up?
» Can I add anything to the shakes?
» Can I add herbs and spices to the meals?
» I don't like ready meals; how are Weight to Go meals different?
» What if I have special dietary requirements?
» Is the meat Halal?
» Is the food Kosher?
» Is the food ethically produced?
» What can I eat before taking exercise to give me an energy boost?
» I've reached my target weight. What non-Weight to Go meals can I eat in order to maintain it?
» I don't like being the only one eating these meals; can my family/partner have them too?
» What happens if I don't manage to get through all of the Weight to Go shakes and meals in a day?
» Should 'sugar free','fat free' and 'lite' options be avoided?
» When is the best time to start the Weight to Go diet and how long do I need to be using it?
» When is the best time to eat Weight to Go 'bars'?
» Are there any side-effects from being on a low-calorie diet like Weight to Go?
» Will being a diabetic prevent me from using the Weight to Go diet?
» If I miss a day, will it matter?
» What is a VLCD diet and how does Weight to Go compare?
» How does Weight to Go compare to any other 850kcal diet?
» Do you have to have all 3 shakes or can you just have the 1 or 2 a day?
» How much can someone expect to lose on the Weight to Go diet?
» Sugar, wheat and dairy are often said to be bad for you when it comes to gaining weight. Is this true and if so - out of the 3 - which is the worst for you?
» Do grapes and apples contain sugar?
» Can people use the diet without sticking to the daily plan of 3 shakes, 1 soup and 1 meal?
» What can be 'added' to the Weight to Go plan?
» What would be an ideal breakfast to set you up for the day?
» What are the daily breakdowns for each of the nutrient groups?
» Can you exercise if you are only eating 850kcal a day?
» What is the Money Back Guarantee?