Face Shape Guide

How to measure and determine your face shape and, even more importantly, how to choose the right hairstyle to fit your face shape.

Steps to Figure your Face Shape

Your face shape is the starting point to choosing a new hairstyle, but it's hard to be objective about your own face shape.

One of the best ways to find out the shape of your face is to take measurements:

  • Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones.

  • Measure across your jawline from the widest point to the widest point

  • Measure across your forehead at the widest point (usually somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline).

  • Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

Which styles suit your face shape

  • Oval

    Oval Face Shape

    The length is equal to one-and-a-half times the width. An oval face is slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline.

    Try: Your face shape is well proportioned and just about any hair shape looks good on you.

    Avoid: Styles that cover up your "perfect" features such as heavy fringes, or too forward-directed styles.

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  • Round

    Round Face Shape

    Your face is as wide as it is long. Round faces are full-looking with a round chin and hairline.

    Try: Hairstyles with fullness and height at the crown with off-centre partings that help reduce the roundness. Layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face will elongate your round face shape.

    Avoid: Chin length hair and centre partings tend to accentuate roundness. Also avoid short crops, or straight "chopped" fringes. Because the widest part of your face is at the cheeks and ears, you need to avoid having the fullness of the cut here, as it will make your face appear wider.

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  • Oblong

    Oblong Face Shape

    Oblong faces are longer than they are wide. The face is long and slender, about the same width at forehead and just below cheekbones. May have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead.

    Try: You'll want to balance the look of a long and slender face. Fullness at the sides of your face will add width to the look of your face shape, while soft, wispy fringes will shorten the appearance of the length. Go for short or medium lengths and layers.

    Avoid: Long hair as this will make your face appear even longer.

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  • Heart

    Heart Face Shape

    Heart shaped faces are narrow at jawline, wide at cheekbones and/or forehead.

    Try: Chin-length or longer styles. If you are a dramatic heart shape you need to leave weight in the back nape area, achieving more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and narrow chin.

    Avoid: Stay away from styles with too much height at the crown.

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  • Square

    Square Face Shape

    Square shaped faces have a strong, square jaw line and usually an equally square hairline. Your face is about as wide as it is long.

    Try: You want to soften the square look of your face with layers and wispy looks around the face. Short-to-medium length hair, wispy and off-centre partings with height at the crown look great on square faces. Curls or waves to the hair will achieve a nice balance to the straight features of your face shape.

    Avoid: Long straight styles that accentuate the square jawbone, straight fringes or centre partings, or a straight bob ending at the jawline. Hair should end above or below the jawline, and some height at the crown or a fringe will suit you.

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  • Diamond

    Diamond Face Shape

    Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and jawline of approximately equal widths. A cross between heart and a dramatic oval

    Try: Almost all hairstyles work with your face, so feel free to experiment. If you are a dramatic diamond shape, leave weight in the back nape area; this will achieve balance between your dramatic cheekbones and delicate chin line. Bobs work very well for this shape.

    Avoid: Wearing height on top or volume on the sides. Use some fringe to cover a narrow forehead Try not to wear too much hair on your face, thereby hiding your great features.

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