Fitting Guide

Most wigs are adjustable and the elasticised caps will fit most heads. Due to adjustable sizes, you can usually wear one size up or down, but it is best to find a wig in your true size. If your measurements do not match exactly with one size on the chart, choose the largest of the three measurements. The Velcro tabs inside each wig adjust the circumference up to 1" larger or smaller to ensure a secure fit.

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Steps to Measuring Your Head


  • Flatten your hair
  • Use a cloth or paper tape measure
  • Match your measurements to the size chart below
  • Around your head
    Start at your natural front hairline, to just above your ears, and around the back to the bend of your neck and to the front of your head.

  • Front to back
    Bend your head back. Measure form your natural hairline in the front of your forehead, back over the crown to the bend where your head meets the top of your neck.

  • Ear to ear
    Measure at the top front of one ear, lay the tape measure up and over the crown of your head to the same position on your other ear.

Measurement Petite Petite-
1. Around your Head 21" 21¼" 21½"
2. Front to Back 13¼" 13¾ - 14" 14½ - 14¾"
3. Ear to Ear 13" 13¼" 13¾"