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With over forty years of experience in the beauty industry, no one is more knowledgeable than Jerome Alexander – and with this fabulously rich, prestige line of skincare and colour cosmetics, you can achieve professional quality results at home. Elegantly packaged and made using only the highest quality ingredients, the Jerome Alexander range combines modern technologies with proven principles of the past to deliver time-honoured effectiveness.
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Jerome Alexander BOGOF Make-up Primer

  • This exclusive BOGOF offer combines two Jerome Alexander Liquid Silk Under Makeup Primers to help you create a smooth and even base for a flawless complexion!
£12.99 £4.99 P&P
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Jerome Alexander Discover Me Kit

  • This 'Discover Me' self-correcting powder and blusher-bronzer combine all you need to help create the perfect base for a flawless, healthy-looking complexion.
£19.99 £4.99 P&P
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About Jerome Alexander

Jerome AlexanderAll aspects of make-up application are based on what is called the “dark/light illusion”. It is a very basic art principle- dark things look smaller and appear to recede, while light things look larger and appear to come forward. Remember this principle; it will influence every decision you make when applying make-up to your face.

Nothing you put on your face should ever be applied indiscriminately; everything should have a reason for being there. The colour you select, the depth of colour you use, and where you apply it must all serve a specific purpose.

Jerome says:

“For more than four decades I have been teaching women how to look their most beautiful.

“As a beauty educator, I am dedicated to showing women how to use beauty products as they are meant to be used. My purpose is not to change the way you look, but to teach you to enhance your natural beauty.

“By incorporating cutting edge technology, I have developed quality cosmetics that will give you the ability to experiment, using my professional insight and experience.

With step-by-step direction, I will teach you to become your own make-up artist.”