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Easy Feet

Installing Easy Feet: 
  1. Place Easy Feet in any shower or bath on a clean, dry & smooth surface.
  2. Press down on the base platform to engage the suction cups and ensure that the product has firmly adhered to the desired surface prior to use.

Important: Easy Feet should be used in a sitting position if it is affixed to a shower or ball wall to avoid the risk of falling.

Removing Easy Feet: 

To remove Easy Feet, lift the toe area on the base to disengage the section cups.

Never lift from the arched area. By doing so you may break the separate arch from the base.

Important: We recommend removing Easy Feet from the shower or bath floor after each use to avoid the risk of other tripping or falling.

Using Easy Feet:  

  1. Ensure that Easy Feet is secured onto a bath or shower floor or wall.
  2. Important: Use of this product while it is adhered to the wall surface is only recommended when you are seated.
  3. Place your foot in Easy Feet and add your favourite liquid soap in the hole located in the arch.
  4. Rub your foot back and forth to build up foam. Note: Small shifts and movements during use are normal. Use caution when placing your weight on this product for risk of falling.
  5.  Smooth rough areas of your foot with the built-in pumice stone.

Care and Cleaning:  

  1. Thoroughly rinse any dirty and soap residue from your Easy Feet after each use.
  2. Store your Easy Feet in an area of the bath or shower where there is no risk of others tripping as a result of the product.
  3. We recommend adhering Easy Feet on the vertical surface of the wall when not in use so it is out of the way. (Remember to never use your Easy Feet while it is adhered to any vertical or wall surface unless you are seated.)
  4. Do not store Easy Feet in a sealed bag or container.


  • Never use Easy Feet or any product if you have an open wound within the usage area.
  • Diabetics must consult with their Physician prior to the use of this product.
  • The manufacturers of this product make no claims regarding the avoidance of any foot related diseases and recommend that each Easy Feet be used by only one person exclusively to avoid such transfers.
  • Those with the equilibrium impairments or the elderly should only use this product when seated.

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