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Roaming Rooster Slow Roasting Pack


For those of us who are conscious about what we put in our mouths, this Roaming Rooster bundle should put your mind at ease.

Every animal is grass fed and free range adhering to high animal welfare standards. Supporting native British Breeds, every animal is born from traditional farming skills and are then sustainably reared and farmed – everything is traceable.

This slow roasting bundle has a great selection of choice.

Beef Flat Rib

Identical to pork spare ribs, this old fashioned cut is making a huge comeback. A flat rib is simply a beef brisket left on the bone. Perfect for your slow cooker or BBQ.

Braising Steak

Perfect for stews and casseroles, the meat has been generally cut from the four quarter. A great freezer filler for the perfect hearty winter meal.

All Roaming Rooster beef is grass-fed and hung for maximum flavour, naturally reared and nurtured by their mothers for around 9 months – giving the meat a head start towards finer quality.

Pulled Pork Joint

Boned and rolled for easy carving, this pulled pork joint makes amazing hot sandwiches. The farm scores the skin so all you have to do is rub in a little salt and pepper for amazing crackling.

The majority of Roaming Rooster pork comes from their own farm in Pendle, using only native breeds from the British isles, these breeds are slow growing and hardy making them much more suitable for free range farming. All pigs are reared on site and live outside at Roaming Roosters.

Whole Free Range Chicken

The signature Roaming Rooster, free range and delicious and a speciality of the farm. Unlike modern broiler chickens, these chickens are left to grow naturally in a relaxed pace with some chickens getting over 4 times older than your average chicken, this allows the meat to mature for a better all-round taste.

Allowed to roam free and eat whatever they choose from the Pendle countryside. All chickens are dry plucked and left to hand for 7 days, ensuring the meat matures to its best.

Lambs Henrys

Similar to a lamb shank but cut from the shoulder, these are best cooked slowly to release the flavours and tenderise the meat.

All meat is vacuum packed for freshness and are dispatched in super sustainable WoolCool insulated boxes with ice packs included. All meat will arrive fresh and not frozen and can be refrigerated fresh for up to 5 days and frozen for 6 months. All meat is easy to split for the fridge or freezer.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are perishable and therefore non returnable.   


  • 1 x 1kg Beef Flat Rib
  • 1 x 1kg Pulled Pork Joint
  • 1 x 400g Braising Steak
  • 1 x Whole Free Range Chicken
  • 2 x 300g Lamb Henrys






PLEASE NOTE: As this item is perishable it is not covered under our returns policy.

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