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Vibrapower Range


Vibration exercise machines have grown incredibly popular here at Ideal World, offering a new way to work out in the comfort of your own home. By introducing the Vibrapower as an addition to your regular workout, it is possible to revolutionise a routine and unlock new and exciting ways to get fit.

Simply carry out a regular exercise routine while on the Vibrapower, such as squats or press ups…. and feel the difference!

Between 40 and 60% of muscles fibres are recruited to perform free-weight or resistance machine exercising, however performing similar exercises on the Vibrapower utilises almost all of the target muscles fibres. This is achieved by creating an almost constant state of reflex in the muscles, known as a Tonic Stretch Reflex. This means that the muscles are flexing and contracting at a very high frequency, producing faster increases in muscular strength.

Most popular types of vibration machines are “platform based”, which allow for the performance of a variety of exercises while either standing on, or placing hands on the vibration plate. The Vibrapower allows for a great workout in as little as 10 minutes, giving greater results in a shorter amount of time.

The Vibrapower range has become popular in the gyms across the country - and is suitable for all fitness levels!

Hints and Tips

Start Gradually: The best way to train is by increasing the frequency gradually. Beginners are advised to start with nine minutes of the resistance programme, followed by nine minutes of the stretch, massage and relaxation programme, both on the lower frequency and amplitude settings.

Stand Correctly: In order to exercise different parts of the body, it is essential to adopt a position that puts tension on the muscles. For example, if you're doing the squat position, have your knees bent and lean from the hips, as if you are about to sit on a chair.

Keep Your Workout Short: Although everyone is different, it's usually enough to start with no more than 30 seconds on each exercise.

Combine Your Exercises: Try to choose a combination of compound exercises (such as squats and push-ups, which use more than one muscle group) and isolation exercises (biceps curls and front raises).

Keep Your Knees Bent

Drink Enough Water: Your body is working out, thereby generating a lot of internal heat, so even if you don't feel thirsty, always drink water while you're working out.

Vibrapower Pro

Vibrapower Disc

Vibrapower Max Performance

Vibrapower Pro - View Product Vibrapower Disc - View Product Vibrapower Max Performance - View Product

Vibration Type

Dual - Lineal & Oscillation



  Vibrapower Pro - Vibration Type: Dual Vibrapower Disc - Vibration Type: Oscillation Vibrapower Max Performance - Vibration Type: Oscillation

Oscillation Amplitude








Osciallation Frequency




Speed Range




Control Panel




Motor Power

Motor 200W / Oscillation 200W



Maximum User Weight





Handle for stability & Remote


Handle for stability & Remote

Maximum Usage Time

10mins 3 x a day

20mins in any one session

20mins in any one session