We’ve enlisted the help of Ideal World’s newest fitness expert Gabriel Sey to bring you the 14-day Aquatube challenge. The challenge will target different muscles with each exercise, giving you a full body workout.

The Aquatube is the newest fitness craze taking over here at Ideal World. This innovative piece of fitness equipment uses Flow Resistance Training, where the flow of water helps engage your core and stabilise your muscles. It can be used absolutely anywhere – simply add water and away you go!

Watch these 14 videos to get these excellent, easy-to-understand exercises for all levels of fitness and experience for absolutely free.

Try the Aquatube today and begin your Aquatube journey here

Start your 14 day challenge today

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 1

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 2

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 3

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 4

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 5

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 6

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 7

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 8

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 9

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 10

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 11

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 12

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 13

Aquatube Aquatube

Day 14

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Aquatube with Carry Bag, Instruction Manual and Free Aquatube DVD

Get help to get fitter, faster with the Aquatube, plus stylish carry bag and instructional DVD.

Aquatube is a new and fun piece of hand-held fitness equipment which helps to give you a full-body exercise.

Use indoors or out, Aquatube is robust, portable, weighs less than 2kg when empty and is suitable for any fitness level.

Using 'Flow Resistance Training', water flows freely inside the Aquatube, creating a constantly varying, reactive resistance which is designed to activate and exercise more muscles than conventional equipment. Designed to engage your core and stabilizing muscles.

You can change the weight you want to lift by increasing or decreasing the amount of water you put in. New users should start with a small amount and increase as they get used to it.

Easy to use - users simply add or remove ordinary tap-water in seconds, to customise Aquatube precisely to their own fitness levels and goals.

Designed to employ multi-planar movements during every exercise (as opposed to single plane movements as you get with a machine or dumbbell), it works all areas and angles of the muscles.

Carry bag with drawstring and toggle closure, and adjustable shoulder strap.

Comes with FREE instructional DVD - consists of full instructions of the different workouts/movements and full exercise workouts for all levels of fitness.


  • Helps to tone your core with every exercise
  • Suitable for any fitness level
  • Indoors or outdoors


  • 1 X Aquatube
  • 1 X Carry Bag
  • 1 X Dvd
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
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Only £99.99

£4.99 P&P