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Beauty & Skincare Tips

Some helpful tips and advice to keep you looking your best

Essential Skincare

Healthy skin is essential for making the most of your looks. If you don’t care for your skin, all that carefully applied make-up will slide into lines and wrinkles, or appear patchy and uneven.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Cleanse: Ensure you cleanse your skin thoroughly every day to remove all traces of make-up that can cause spots and breakouts. Take your pick from our fantastic range of facial cleansers for skincare that will leave you looking radiant and refreshed.

Tone: Facial toners are also known as tonics and astringents and are used to remove surface skin cells and cleanser residue from the skin.

Moisturising: The next important step is hydration. Apply a moisturiser daily to ensure you are replacing your skin’s natural oils and water; the more hydrated your skin is, the less noticeable lines and wrinkles are. When applying the cream, don’t forget about your neck and chest area, which are prone to showing the first signs of ageing. Our gorgeous range of body moisturisers will keep your skin in tip top condition from head to toe.

Other Treatments

Treatments: Serums and facial treatments are a great way of delivering an intensive burst of nutrients to the skin.

Sun Care: Finally, always wear sunscreen. Although we all want a healthy glow, the sun’s effect can be damaging if the correct precautions aren’t taken. Check out our self tanning range for a sun-kissed look that won’t age your skin!

Top Tips

When you apply gels or creams to the eye area, start at the outer eye, stroke under the eye and toward the nose. Then move up the inner part of the nose and back around the eye, over the eyebrow and down the outer eye again. Stroking the eyes outwards under your eyes, can stretch your skin out and may give you premature wrinkles!

Look out for products containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which help to fight free radicals which destroy healthy skin cells.

Perfect Base

Creating an even, natural base is the key to your whole look. If you have a good complexion already, you might only want to add concealer to lines, shadows and blemishes. If you prefer fuller coverage, invest in a foundation and a good base or primer, to ensure your carefully applied make-up lasts the day.

Foundation: The best foundation is one which matches your skin tone. However, if you are undecided between two shades, go for the lighter of the two, as darker foundations create obvious tidemarks. You can always return any of our make-up within 30 days for a full refund if you find you have purchased the wrong colour.

Powder: To avoid shine, lightly dust face powder over your nose, forehead and décolleté. Apply bronzing powder for a healthy glow, or if you simply want a matt finish, apply translucent powder over your foundation.

Blusher: The finishing touch to your natural base is blusher. Blusher can wake up even the most tired looking skin, giving you the appearance of a brighter, healthier complexion, if applied correctly.

Top Tips

If you are over the age of 30, avoid powdering under the eyes as it can make fine lines and wrinkles appear more obvious.

If using a gel or cream blusher, apply one dot to the apple of the cheek, and two smaller dots graduating up the cheekbone towards the hairline, then blend together.

If using a powder, sweep the colour up from the apple of your cheek in an arc, following your cheekbone.

Colouring In

You’ve looked after your skin and created the perfect base, so now it’s time to add some colour. Check out our easy-to-follow steps and top tips – and get the look you desire.

Eyes: Making up your eyes is a delicate job, so having the right tools is essential. A good set of brushes could mean the difference between impressive eye-catching results, and amateur attempts that are poorly applied and blended. Prime your eyelids with foundation or concealer, as eye shadow won’t last as long if applied to bare skin. For a natural day look, apply a light shade across the entire eye, lid and socket, ensuring you have a base to blend the eye shadow with. Take a medium shade and apply this to the eye socket and outer corner, blending with the paler eye shadow to create a natural graduation. Mascara should be worn to define the eye, but don’t apply it to the inner corners, to ensure you keep the look natural.

Brows: Many women put a lot of effort into their eyes, but forget about their eyebrows, which really help to define the face. The best-looking eyebrows have a slight arch, so ensure yours are well shaped by plucking stray hairs from below the arch. When plucking your eyebrows pull the skin taught between two fingers and pluck hairs quickly, and in the direction of growth. Fill your brows in with a pencil that matches their natural colour, or, if you’re a blonde or a redhead, go one shade darker than the natural colour.

Lips: No look is complete without lip colour. Follow our fool-proof guide to creating a winning smile. To make your lipstick last a little longer, use a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips, and apply some foundation as a base. Choose a lip liner that matches your lips or your lipstick exactly, and draw the line just inside the natural line of your lips. Colour your lips in with the pencil, and then apply your lipstick, using a brush, from the centre of your mouth out towards each corner. Blot with a tissue, and apply another coat of colour, then finish with lip gloss.

Top Tips

For a soft look, apply your eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines with a brush and smudge gently.

When choosing an eyeshadow, keep in mind that a pastel shade will look softer, while a darker shade will appear more dramatic.

For smooth, soft lips, take a clean damp washcloth and gently rub lips for 60 seconds before applying lipstick.

To avoid lipstick on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and then draw it out slowly with your mouth closed. What you see on your finger is what would have ended up on your teeth!

If you are trying to make your lips look bigger, choose a lighter shade as these – particularly shimmery or frosted ones – have a maximizing effect. If, on the other hand you want them to appear thinner, choose a darker shade, or a more matte colour, and avoid gloss.