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Here at Ideal World, we love bringing you the best deals on the most amazing beauty products. This article takes a closer look at Skinn, an oasis of calm and natural beauty created amidst the bustle and fakery of downtown L.A.; Skinn aims to provide a way of peeling back all the frustrations of modern life and help you get the skincare you need in a natural way.

Skinn focuses on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks. Skinn Cosmetics incorporates the time-honoured methods of generations of mothers and grandmothers who made their own soaps, creams and masks at home using pure, natural ingredients and passed their skills on throughout the ages.

Skinn Collagenesis Stem Rejen Facial Serum

The Stem Rejen Facial Serum, which helps keep skin moisturised and is part of Skinn's exciting NEW range: the Stem Rejen Elite package.

This is the newest formulation of Stem Rejen Elite, formulated with three new active ingredients, Glacier Water, Snow Algae Powder and Alpine Rose.

Skinn Stem Rejen

Glacier Water, an active ingredient found in the glaciers of the Swiss Alps helps to keep skin moisturised. Snow Algae Powder helps to increase the longevity of skin's smooth and radiant appearance.

Alpine Rose, a powder based on the stem cells of alpine rose leaves, helps to enhance skin's natural vitality and fortifies the skin's barrier function, allowing skin's exterior to cope better with climate changes.

With a patented technology, these ingredients are encompassed in a multilamellar encapsulation delivery system that adapts to each individual's skin type, including sensitive skin.

Simply use morning and night, apply a dime-sized amount to a clean face and neck using small circular motions. Follow with moisturising treatments.

The multilamellar encapsulation delivery system is a patented technology that encapsulates a high amount of active ingredients (QuSomes) enabling active ingredients get deeper into the skin to become more effective as it slowly releases the actives in a time realised manner for minimum irritation. It is multilamellar due to the water and lipid (oil) active ingredients being encapsulated alternatively.

These classic traditions combined with the most advanced technology and delivery systems available differentiate Skinn from all other cosmetic brands. Skinn treatments and colour cosmetics are famously full of actives, yet devoid of unnecessary water and fillers. Formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients than the industry standard and at more affordable prices.

Skinn was founded in 2002 by Dimitri James — a professional make-up artist and licensed aesthetician whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines.

"Before starting Skinn Cosmetics, I worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. I found myself constantly frustrated with the way they did business. Unfortunately, the big cosmetic companies never seem to care about making quality products that actually help the consumer."
Dimitri James

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