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Wake up your tan with Zhuzh!

Category Beauty
Published 27 July 2017


Here at Ideal World, we love bringing you the best deals on the most amazing beauty products. This article takes a closer look at Zhuzh!, a useful product for anyone looking to work on their tan, with a fascinating back story and a unique way of improving your fun in the sun.

Increase the speed of your tanning with Zhuzh! Speeds up the process of the melanin in your skin absorbing the sun's rays and improving your tan with a simple spritz.

With today's demanding lifestyles, people do not want to beat around the bush - they want something fast that simply gets the job done. Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator is designed with these attributes in mind and provides a quick way to enhance the skin's natural hues and tones, producing an all-round healthy appearance. What you will instantly notice is that this spray on product is very light and rubs in very easily, meaning that there is none of that unwanted stickiness or oiliness that you get with so many other tan accelerators.

It works in conjunction with indoor or outdoor tanning. When tanning, always use an SPF cream to safe tan, and remember to re-apply SPF cream throughout the day.

Come Backstage with Zhuzh!

With an early background in cabaret and musical theatre the Zhuzh! Founder was always "interfering", with everything from costume designs, lighting, musical arrangements and choreography, in a desperate need to "zhuzh" things up - to add a bit of sparkle, splendour and striking style.

Although the word "zhuzh" has been backstage lingo as long as theatres have had dressing rooms, as with so many slang words when they start out, nobody knew how to spell it to write it down.

Zhuzh! Was launched in 2002. 2015 is the 13th year Zhuzh! has been with Ideal World. Around half a million units sold in that time.

The aim is simple: to satisfy each and every customer in the same way that we want to be satisfied when consumer-testing a product. Although much of our time is now spent developing the range, the Zhuzh! collections will never be so vast that we can't maintain our personal input and always remember our original inspiration: YOU.

Zhuzh! has won the 'Best Tanning' award in our Health and Beauty Awards,Viewers Choice Award in 2010 and Most 5* reviews in 2013.

In the beginning...

The Zhuzh story started over two decades ago. Very early one morning in London's Joe Allen Restaurant after an opening night party, The Zhuzh founder, Fashion Editor Thalia Vickers and the Daily Mail theatre critic Jack Tinker decided they would come up with the correct spelling so that they would all be able then to take their favourite word to print in their publications' next issues. After all sorts of attempts, with help from the entire restaurant, they latched onto the sound of the ZH in Doctor Zhivago. Zh-u-zh and that was it. The Zhuzh! founder quickly scribbled down Z-H-U-Z-H on his paper serviette with both Thalia and Jack insisting the exclamation mark be added.

The Zhuzh! founder was launched as Britain's first male grooming expert with his own male grooming page in 'She' Magazine. This progressed to include not only style, grooming and agony uncle on the initial team of FHM, but also opened the door to BBC Pebble Mill and then 12 years as resident Consumer Reporter with Richard & Judy on ITV's 'This Morning'.

The most important part of these jobs was extensive consumer research to find the worst, and the best, of a specific product category. The upshot was that by the end of each programme he would have liked to see one brand combining all the positive features to be truly the best. However, it would take 10 years further experience in British and American shopping television for the Zhuzh! Founder to acquire the contacts and know how to start building the Zhuzh! brand where he could do just that

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