Countdown to Christmas Part II

Category General Published 29th November 2017 by Phil Mann

Countdown to Christmas Part II

Ready yourself for Christmas and save stress!

Get the low-down on how to get Christmas down, low-stress with Ideal World.

Welcome to Part II. If you want to read Part I of this guide you can find it here: Countdown To Christmas Part I.

There's so much to do at Christmas, it's easy to miss the small stuff. At Ideal World we love helping out with great deals on products and great gift ideas, and we put our heads together to work out what would be the best way to help out anyone looking to make the most out of Christmas, and we came up with this excellent list.

As there's only a month to go it's getting close and there's still so much to do. Luckily you don't have to leave it to the last minute, as we're here with all the great advice you'll need to make a wonderful Christmas to happen.

Prepare for a great Christmas with Ideal World
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1 month to go…

Finish Christmas shopping

There are loads of great opportunities to go shopping in the lead up to Christmas. Black Friday and Cyber Monday only mark the start of Christmas shopping season, but at Ideal World we have our daily "Pick of the Day" to help you find some great new items, our Christmas category can help put you in the mood for festive shopping with gifts For Her, For Him, For Kids and great bargains in every category you can think of, including decorations, stocking fillers and furnishings you wouldn't expect.

Wrap gifts/send out cards

Wrapping gifts is a talent and a skill, and putting a little bit of extra effort into wrapping can make all the difference. Getting a good fold, a neat seam or adding a bow of ribbon can turn a pile of gifts into a real Christmassy haul.

Start cleaning/decorating the house

As Advent approaches, it's traditional to start putting up your Christmas decorations. Whether you're some one who can't wait to get them up and has a decks the halls with a cornucopia of Christmas dec's proudly on display from the end of October, or whether if you're more conservative and are content to just spring-and-wreath some low-key Holly-and-the-Ivy to your living space on 1st Dec, and take them down strictly on the Twelfth Night, now is the time to stand planning that last minute clean before getting everything how you want it.

Why not try having a look around our Home Cleaning category to get everything looking spick and span in time for your decorating spree.

Prepare for a great Christmas with Ideal World
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Go Christmas food shopping

Many supermarkets are starting to get their turkeys and sprouts ready, and you should, too. Booking in your Christmas shopping now leaves you plenty of time to kick back on Ideal World and get your presents. Remember that you can always buy things early and freeze them: you might want to get some lovely hors d'oeuvre or finger-food ready for the party season.

Dig out the Christmas CDs

Are you the type to sip advocaat and cherry brandy to the tinkly piano jazz of A Charlie Brown Christmas; or do you keep it classy with a glass of sherry and Andrea Bocelli's classical music for Christmas? Are you admiring the baubles while listening to Bublé? Bringing on the elves with Elvis?. Or you might be getting merry with Mariah Carey. Whichever it is, make sure you've got your music lined up. And what better way to play it than checking out Ideal World's Steepletone tech range to listen to your tunes in style!

Start hunting for a Christmas jumper

Mine's a tasteful reindeer number (with a regular, non-illuminated nose), but there's plenty who'll wear a jumper more decorated than their tree. Some light up, some have props sticking out of them, some play songs. Whatever your Christmas jumper is: wear it with pride. When you're ready for something a bit more tasteful (not that we'd judge), you can check out the amazing fashion range at Ideal World.

Prepare for a great Christmas with Ideal World
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