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Surprise your Garden with these mind-blowing Plants

Category Garden
Published 21 April 2017

Surprise your Garden with these mind-blowing Plants

To celebrate the ninth year of Garden Bargains working with Ideal World we have some great ideas on how to plant both flowers and vegetables to blow your own mind, and give your garden a surprise makeover. With great exclusive plants, pots and advice for gardening.

It's the ninth anniversary of Garden Bargains and Ideal World working together, and nothing beats a birthday surprise. We know it's the thought that counts, so we put a lot of thought into our garden surprises and have got these great deals, that are not only bargains, but will also create and amazing talking point in your garden.

Wow your guests with the 2-in-1 Potato AND tomato plant: grow them both at the same time! Amaze them with the powerful colours of the beautiful Echinaceas, and dazzle them with the incredibly colourful Canna Canasta plants.

PotaTom 2 in 1 Potato and Tomato Plant 13cm Pot

Welcome to a major plant breeding breakthrough this decade. The Pota-Tom really does do what it says on the tin; a potato and a tomato, all wrapped up together in one space-saving plant. Combining a vigorous, nutty flavoured potato variety with a deliciously sweet-fruited tomato, using an age old, totally natural method of grafting the plants together by hand, these two varieties are merged onto the same plant.

Above the ground you'll be able to pick sweet and juicy cocktail tomatoes, then below the ground you'll harvest heavy yields of nutty white skinned potatoes, perfect for mashing, boiling, roasting whichever way you like.

You can plant the Pota-Tom straight into the ground or into a pot which means it can be moved around into a sunny position, in a greenhouse or even indoors. Position your plant in a sheltered position in a full-sun spot and in a large container that will hold at least 40L compost.

Ideal for the home-garden kitchen and growing your own fruit and veg as you combine both in this plant. Ready to harvest between August and October, it comes supplied as a potted plant with all the information you need to grow it.

Echinacea Green Twister x 6 Garden Ready Plants

Add the most amazing shock of colour to a mixed perennial garden with these 6 garden-ready plants

Be one of the very first to grow this brand new variety - it will add the most amazing shock of colour to a mixed perennial garden.

A real unplanned find by its German breeder, it was first come across in the seed production fields of the Magnus' strain and was thought to be caused by a virus or disease. Hauls of plants were destroyed until it was then discovered that there was absolutely no virus at all and that the amazing two-tone colour is actually a 100% healthy and natural break, called a sport.

This means flower colour is split into two and blends in the middle. The bright green edges become more pronounced the older the plants get, and take a couple of years for the striking lime-green tips to be at their best. The green blends to fluorescent pinky/purple towards the base of the petals as they join to the large round eye.

There is some variation in each plant creating totally unique flowers which all add to its natural attraction and eye-catching formation.

Being a sport' from 'Magnus',the proven best Echinacea variety for decades, its guaranteed to give exceptional garden performance, weather resistance and flower robustness a real reliable yet extraordinarily different perennial plant.

Ideal for planting into pots or perennial borders, you'll see flowers around July-August if you position them in full sunshine. They're winter hardy too, so a great investment in next year's garden, too. They'll arrive ready to plant.

Canna Canasta x 6 Garden Ready Plants

We are delighted to offer this UK exclusive: an exciting new seed-raised compact Canna variety, the result of years of breeding and selection.

'Canasta' is a dwarf canna series, reaching only 80cm or so tall, so is the ideal variety for planting in large patio pots and containers. Canna are a real summer dazzler - their exotic and exuberant coloured flowers are set off by lush, jungle like green or purple/brown leaves, giving a real taste of the tropical, yet they are very tough and hardy.

Canna will form tubers over 2-3 years, so give them space - for huge impact, plant all 6 in a 30-305cm diameter pot. Grow in full hot sun when they start growing, which can be later in spring. Feed every 2-3 weeks, and water well, and they will explode into leaf and colour for high summer displays.

Supplied as 6 garden-ready plants. Not frost hardy so need protection over the winter.