The Incredible Story of Elizabeth Grant

Category Beauty Published 20 July 2017 by Phil Mann

Elizabeth Grant

At Ideal World we love to celebrate our brands. We're proud to bring you the best deals whether you're shopping for well-known products, or discovering something new. All of our products go through a rigorous quality assurance process and come personally recommended and used by our presenters.

Elizabeth Grant is a much loved skincare range here at Ideal World, with an interesting story behind its founder, and we believe she tells it the best:

"I started this company in 1958 in London, England.

"I did not always have the Beautiful skin that I have today. My skin was damaged by a bomb blast during the Second World War. It was on a Sunday and I was walking down a street when a V2 rocket exploded nearby. Shards of glass were embedded on the one side of my face and my skin was scarred. That was a difficult time for me as I was so conscious of how I looked. I used to walk around with dark glasses and tried to avoid people.

"All that changed when I read about a substance (Torricelumn). I had some made up for me and I started to use it as part of my skincare regime.

"The glasses came off and I felt confident again.

"At the time I was a make-up artist. One day one of my favourite clients came in for her make-up. Her skin was a mess because the heavy make-up we used in those days clogged the pores and robbed the complexion of its ability to breath. Her skin looked tired. While I was applying her make-up she asked me how I kept my skin so good. You could have knocked me down with a feather. My skin was described as looking good!

"I told her about the preparation that had been specially formulated for me. She asked me if I had some and of course I gave her a sample.

"10 days later she called me to ask if I could get her some more. She said her skin was feeling softer and smoother. When I saw her 6 weeks later, her skin was glowing. That was my, "Ahah!" moment. I realize I had a product that made a difference. I decided to develop my own skin care lines that contained my secret formulation I called Torricelumn.

"Today I have beautiful skin. I am in my eighties. My skin is good and I owe all to Torricelumn."

Elizabeth Grant

What is Torricelumn

Torricelumn is made from a forest of ocean kelp. Its dense canopy of fronds hides the secret to Torricelumn's amazing properties. This underwater forest, like it's above-ground equivalents, has its seasons. In the spring, the gaps that winter marcine storms left behind are filled with new growth. A unique event is triggered in the first quarter of the growth season signals the divers to begin the harvest of Torricelumn™'s core ingredient.

The seawater absorbed by kelp allows us to obtain the full nutritive benefits of the sea's vitamins and minerals. To preserve their freshness, the plants must reach the laboratory by nightfall. There they go through an endothermic process. Biologically active substances and a soup of natural sea vitamins, nutrients and minerals bond together. This is how the substance known as Torricelumn™ is formed.

A Whole Host of Ranges

Elizabeth Grant laboratories work round the clock to find the best uses for Torricelumn and we'd like to highlight a few of them here. Shop around our store for an incredible selection of Torricelumn products from Elizabeth Grant.

Elizabeth Grant Ranges

  • Biocollasis™ Complex
  • Collagen Re-Inforce
  • Wonder Effect
  • Supreme Collection

What is Biocollasis™ Complex?

Elizabeth Grant’s most powerful and complete triple performance action , Biocollasis™ Complex, is blended with the pure, natural ingredients to help defend the appearance of the skin against the visible effects of ageing. From the first application there is a visible smoothing of the skin. Within days the skin feels softer, the complexion looks more even and brighter. Fast absorbing and fast acting the Biocollasis™ Complex.

Each product and ingredient in the Biocollasis™ Complex range has been specifically researched and selected for their individual cosmetic properties and each serves a particular need and purpose. These ingredients work synergistically together to visibly help the appearance of the skin and make it appear smoother and younger looking and by helping to plump up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Re-Inforce

With Collagen and Collagen Re-inforce - Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s answer to skin that is starting to wrinkle and slacken. Collagen and Torricelumn™ unite with a potent concentrate of peptides and proteins in this advanced formula. Each product helps to improve temporarily the visible appearance of ageing skin.

Each product combines quality ingredients with one of the most advanced in Collagen and Collagen Re-inforce skincare technology, to bring to you a truly luxurious and effective range. Each product has been specifically researched and selected for their individual cosmetic properties. The products containing these ingredients visibly help to temporarily improve the appearance of the skin and make it appear smoother and younger looking, by helping to plump up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The addition of silk in some Collagen Re-Inforce products helps to further reinforce the skin's support structure, and as a result, the skin appears plump, lifted and radiant.

Wonder Effect

Exfoliating is recognized as being an important step in anti-aging skin care. By removing the dead skin cells that builds up, the skin is smoother and more receptive to skin care treatments. The skin appears smoother and less grainy, fine lines appear diminished and skin tone evens out and within a few weeks a gradual transformation occurs as the skin appears more radiant.

This range is formulated to exfoliate the skin with its Glycolic acid ingredient taken from sugar cane. Each product in the range helps to reveal younger, smoother, more even tone skin. Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) is part of the alpha hydroxy acid family (AHA). Glycolic Acid may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Supreme Collection

A new discovery has been made in anti-aging skin care, and its source is as old as time. Elizabeth Grant Skin Care has developed a product range with rare and extraordinary blue-green algae. It is harvested from a remote lake in the mountains of Oregon and this precious algae has the ability to help improve the look of lined, rough, and spotted skin and temporarily reduce the visible signs of ageing.

The Supreme line of skin care products are multi-action, helping to provide protection and nourishment to the skin. This advanced formulation will help defend skin from environmental stressors, reducing the look of age spots and redness. It also helps to refresh the appearance of the skin with its high levels of natural actives that help improve resiliency and elasticity in the skin. The algae contain essential minerals and vitamins that help to nourish skin that has lost nutrients with ageing.

Skin begins to look plumped up, smooth, and soft. It helps renew the look of the dullest and roughest-looking complexion, making skin appear more luminous and radiant.

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