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5 Questions with the Legmaster

Category Health & Fitness
Published 14 February 2018

5 Questions with the Legmaster

The Leg Master Elite is a great way to train your body in a way that other equipment can't reach. We speak to the minds behind it to find out more information.

The Leg Master Elite Elite is designed to work the inner thigh, outer thighs and buttocks. It allows users to work muscles that may not normal be engaged in cycling, running or rowing. It also targets abductor and adductor muscles which are normally hard to isolate. All you have to do is just glide, and you should feel it begin to work in seconds! The simple gliding motion puts you in the right position to target those hard to reach muscles.

But the story behind the Leg Master Elite is equally as interesting as what benefits it can provide to your body. We got down to the nitty gritty with the inventor and team behind the Leg Master Elite.

Age is no barrier
In the living room
Ideal World: What's the idea behind Leg Master Elite and what started it?
Fiona Summers, Leg Master Elite: "Neil Summers already an award winning Fitness Product Developer was asked by his wife, Fiona, who recently had had 4 children and was approaching 40, with a body reflecting that reality. Untoned legs and buttocks and a baby pouch. Fiona asked Neil to design something specifically for targeting the lower body, legs, buttocks and the pelvic floor. Neil set to work 18 months in the design and testing phase and, hey presto, the Leg Master Elite was born."
IW:How does someone get into inventing fitness equipment, and is it hard to innovate in a field that's thousands of years old?
FS: Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Neil started developing products for his own use. Neil was medically discharged from the Royal Marine Commando in th 80's with a debilitating back condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis of the spine) Neil developed the world famous Backstretcher for himself to eleviate his own muscle tension and aches and pains. In 1995 Neil's invention the Ultimate Backstretcher was British Invention of the Year. Making Neil the British Inventor of the Year! Initial success in Japan slowly built to an International business now that supplies most of the developed world.
IW:Tell us about your time at Ideal World, what’s it like presenting on TV?
FS: Just love the the fact I get a whole hour to get my messages across. I am aware there are other TV stations - but for Fitness no doubt Ideal is the strongest. I have loved working with your hosts. I can say hand on heart - I enjoy working with the Ideal hosts most out of all the countries I present on.
IW: Why is it so easy, and so notorious to skip "leg day"?
FS: People have got into the habit of thinking because they are moving around on the legs that they are exercising them. Some even think if they are doing the 10,000 steps a day then all is good. But that could not be further from the truth. If you have sat to eat breakfast upon waking. Sat to drive to work. Sat at work. Sat to relax in the evening - then for sure you have not used you 200+ lower body muscles that day. If you had a day like that once in a while perhaps you would get 'away with it'. But the truth is we have days like that every day - and we wonder why are legs are heavy. Your legs, the look, the shape and tone of them reflects exactly what you do to them in terms of exercise. No leg day and then you're looking at untoned, saggy and unsightly legs.
IW: If I'm an absolute beginner, what's the very first thing I should do to improve my fitness?
FS: There are three main elements to looking and feeling good. You have to eat well. You have to walk. And you require strength training. The Leg Master Elite is your strength training portion of your fitness programme. Some would say watching what and how much you eat is difficult. Some would say walking for 30 minutes everyday is tiresome. The good news is your strength training portion on the Leg Master Elite is only for 1 minute a day. That is do-able.