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Vibrapower Coach

Category Health & Fitness
Published 22 December 2017

Vibrapower Coach

Get your own digital personal trainer with Vibrapower. At Ideal World we're very excited about the launch of the new Vibrapower Coach.

An updated and improved version of the Vibrapower with detachable mast and its own built-in electronic coaching programme to help you on your fitness journey.

This is our latest version of the Vibrapower, it is our first ever Vibrapower with detachable mast and has the unique Voice Coach. This is also the first time the Vibrapower has come with a calorie counter showing you exactly the amount of calories you've burnt during your workout. Once you select the workout you want to do, either: Upper Body, Ab Blast, Leg Workout, Full Body, Cardio or HIIT, the voice coach will talk you through each exercise whilst counting you in and also counting you down. The detachable mast means the unit will work with or without it on and the Touch Screen Monitor allows you to control/select between 6 tailored programmes plus the different levels of manual mode. The monitor will count calories, heart rate, time, speed. Built as an oscillating platform with 20 levels of speed and 6 pre-set tailored programs, you can benefit from Vibration training and get an intense workout in just ten minutes by using the resistance bands to enhance your workout.

Join the next generation of fitness technology; the Vibrapower Coach platform produces an oscillating motion rather than a solely vertical vibration. The key difference between oscillation vibration and piston vibration is that with piston vibration, both legs are simultaneously moving upwards or downwards, but with oscillation vibration, one leg is moving up while the other is moving downwards and can be compared to the action of a see-saw. The platform tilts from side to side over a central fulcrum, lifting one side of your body while at the same time dropping (displacing) the other side. This pattern is switched to and fro at a frequency set on the control panel.

Vibrapower Coach with Voice Assisted Programmes, Detachable Mast, 2 sets of Resistance Bands & Wallchart with FREE Vibrapower Coach DVD
The Vibrapower Coach
Coach yourself with Vibrapower

We got fitness expert and Ideal World guest Rick Hay to give us the low-down on this great new piece of kit.

Ideal World: Thanks for speaking to us, Rick. Tell us about the Vibrapower Coach.

Rick Hay: "I am so excited to be working with the new Vibrapower Coach this festive season and New Year.

"I am such a fan of vibration training as it does so much of the work for you and delivers such good results in terms of toning and shaping. Whole Body Vibration Training activates muscle fibres almost completely - with close to 100 per cent of the muscle fibres being activated compared to 40 to 60 percent with conventional exercise or training. As a result of this you are able to spend less time working out and that has to be a good thing.

"The Vibrapower Coach takes all of the guess work out of exercising - it tells you exactly what to do and how long to do it for - there is even a wall chart to guide you and a terrific DVD with me and the team where we take you through how to do each exercise and then you can join us in doing each of the different routines.

Rick Hay

"It delivers a full body work out whilst getting your heart rate up and burning calories and the vibration aspects helps to smooth areas of the body that may be a little lumpy and bumpy.

"You can expect changes to your body shape as well as improvement in your fitness levels - the Coach even has a heart rate monitor built in.

"The Coach has six different programs where you can focus on different parts of your body. As the name suggests there are voice commands that guide you through—it's fool-proof. You can choose what part is bothering you and choose accordingly:

  • Upper Body
  • Ab Blast
  • Leg
  • Cardio
  • Full Body
  • and HIIT Challenge.

"Resistance bands are included to intensify the exercises and to help with faster toning. There are two sets - black and red - the black ones are easiest and are the ones that they should start on. There are also warm up and cool down programs that you should use to stretch and relax.

"The other good news is that the programs range from five to eight minutes so you don't need to spend forever on the machine. The cardio and HIIT workouts will get you fittest but all of the programs are designed to burn calories, shape and tone - and to get your heart rate up.

Watch our video below about the Vibrapower Coach's unique features

Watch our video about the features
Everything you need for your home workout

"As a beginner just do one program every other day - remember this is proven technology so you don't have to work out on the machine for too long. Once you have used the machine for a couple of weeks you could do two programs a day and build up to a three when you feel ready, and, you do not have to do them all at the same time - you can spread them out during the day. There is lots of good research supporting short sharp work outs and HIIT training. More good news is that you never need to do more than thirty minutes in one day.

"When you start to use your Vibrapower Coach you also have the option of using one of the manual program options - these are a more gentle introduction if you use the lower speeds - but they are still effective.

"Also when you are working out this is a good time to think about a few dietary changes - perhaps include more colourful natural foods as these are rich in antioxidants and also tend to be high in fibre which helps to boost immunity and to regulate blood sugar levels. If you blood sugar levels are steady you have less cravings, better mood and more energy. I really like fruit and vegetable juice combos as these keep you hydrated as well as deliver nutrient density to the system.

"Once you have improved your fitness levels you should use your Vibrapower Coach no more than five days a week - rest days allow for recovery and also lead to better fitness and health results. The Coach is like having trainer at home - use it as directed, eat sensibly and you will get the results you desire.

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