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Five Facts About Apples

Category Garden
Published 20 October 2017

Five Facts About Apples

October 21st is Apple Day! The humble apple is more interesting than you might think, and we can prove it with our five amazing facts about apples.

Apple Day celebrates the diversity of landscape, ecology and culture symbolised by the humble apple.

Apple day recognises the contribution that apples—and by extension the work of traders, farmers, sellers, brewers, grocers, chefs and consumers—have made to the world. Check out your local community to see if there's any Apple Day events such as orchard planting, apple (or cider!) tasting or conservation work that you could be involved in.

Before we get to that though, the most interesting thing of all about apples is that they're delicious, especially in pies. Luckily, we have what you need at Ideal World to create your own apple pies, or whatever other fillings you want to put in them.

Tower Extra Large Family Pie Maker
Celebrate Apple Day
with delicious fruit

How to create your own pies with Ideal World.

As it turns from Spring to Summer, you might find that it's the time to start exploring the outdoors and being more sociable, and what's better at bringing people together than a lovely home-made pie? Luckily, we make it easy with our selection of grow-your-own fruit, and a pie maker.

Eaters of apple pies are warm and friendly, kind-hearted and welcoming. They delight in sharing the good stuff with their friends and neighbours and always have a cheery smile for the postie.

We have a huge arrange of apples you can grow at home and show love and care for, which will no doubt transfer into the deliciousness of your pie. But we also have pears, cherries, plums, blackberries to stuff into your pies.

Watch our Apple Day video
How do you like dem apples!

Making the Pie

Creating your wonderful dish could not be easier with our wonderful pie maker.

It features a large cooking plate, allowing you to create delicious quiches, tarts and cakes. In no time at all create pies according to your own taste and be as creative as you like, experiment with tastes and flavours by creating your own tasty treats.

Simple to bake your own customised pie, cake, tart or quiche in about 8-10 minutes. Perfect for parties and family meals there's no need for the oven, just do it on your worktop!

Non-stick ceramic plates allow you to easily remove your freshly baked pies while non-slip feet keep your pie maker stable on your kitchen work surface.

Easy to use, simply open the Pie Maker and place the large bottom dough over the pie mold. Add your fillings according to the recipe instructions. If your recipe calls for a top, place the molded dough top over the filled mound and close the cover. Then set a timer for the specified time as indicated in your recipe.

With a Pie hole size of 230x45mm this is the perfect way to feed the family in under 10 minutes. Power and ready light indicator lets you know at a glance when your pie maker is at the optimal temperature.

And now without further ado, five great facts about apples:

The pie maker makes making pies easy
Blooming good fruit

Five Facts About Apples

An apple is actually a a rose

The Rosacaeae (Rose-ay-see-eye) family of plants includes a lot more than you might think. The romantic red rose, of course, but also apples, plums, cherries and even almonds.

There are over 7,500 different types of apple

An apple a day of a different kind each time would keep the doctor away for approximately 20 years. Some of our favourite names include "the Pink Lady," the Envy Apple (a mix of Braeburn and Royal Gala), "Gordon," (from the USA), and the "Green Cheese" apple (because of its yellow flesh).

The most apples come from China

China makes 40% of the worlds apples, followed by the United States of America. Italy is the biggest provider from within Europe. Even though the USA is the second biggest producer of apples, they are also the largest importer of apple concentrate too. They must not be able to get enough! Turkey eats the most apples Despite the traditional English apple pie, and despite America's love for apple pie, the Turkish actually consume the most apples world wide. Gobbling up over 28lbs per capita per year.

Apples are made of air

Bobbling for apples is a wholesome, fun pasttime, often seen at fetes and celebrations throughout the countryside. The reason why they float is because their looser, juicy flesh means they're 25% air. The study of apples is called "Pomology."

It takes up to 10 years to grow a single apple

… from planting the tree, of course. Dwarf trees can start bearing fruit in 3-5 years, or you can buy bare root trees that are ready to fruit when they arrive (especially here at the gardening section of Ideal World, when in season), but in nature a full size apple tree can take up to a decade to start bearing fruit.