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August Jobs for the Garden

Category Garden
Published 1 August 2020

August Jobs for the Garden

After a lovely summer basking in the sunshine, it will soon be time to put away the barbecues and the sunscreen to make way for the beautiful autumn season, where the leaves turn golden and begin to fall. But have no fear, there's still plenty of time during August to work away in the garden, getting those last few jobs done while the weather is still pleasant.

With National Allotment week just around the corner, between the 12th and 18th of August, you'll find plenty of reasons for growing in the garden, either in a private allotment or in your own back yard. Plenty of sunshine in typically the hottest month of the year will give your plants some time still to flourish; it will be just a case of keeping on top of each task in August, pruning and removing any deadheads and getting rid of any weeds and excess algae in your water features.

Top Tips

Continue to Water Your Plants in Excessive Heat

Long periods of dry weather mean it's difficult for your trees and plants to remain in top condition. While it’s not as important to water those with wider-ranging roots that have been around longer, newly sown plants will need greater love and care during August, with regular watering.

Remove Weeds Cropping Up on Pavements

An easy way to remove these pesky weeds in your paths to the house and driveways is to tip boiling water over them. A top tip to save water and clean up those untidy areas is to use the leftover water from cooking, particularly if the hot water has salt in it, which can be an added boost for killing weeds.

Remove Seeds to Re-Sow

Why not increase the number of plants and trees you have in the garden by collecting seeds as soon as the plants ripen. Doing so can prevent germs from forming and boost your chances of a cheap and fun way to expand your garden. If you wait roughly two months after flowering, the seed should be perfect. Make sure the plants are in top shape before collecting the seed to ensure maximum potential, but be aware even some seeds that remain green, such as ranunculus, can be picked then.

Raise the Cutting Height on Your Lawnmower in Late Summer

The lawn may be looking rather brown now after such a warm spell of weather. While it’s important to maintain the grass, in August it’s vital that you prevent your grass from getting worse. So, a useful tip is to raise the height on your cutting length, which, in turn, will allow greater growth during the later months of summer, as the lawn begins to grow less.

Keep Animals off Certain Flowers and Fruit Plants with Netting

Help to save your plants and prevent wildlife, such as birds and insects, from damaging your crop by providing a protective shield before harvesting. The correct netting will help to put a stop to this.

Remove Mildew and Excess Algae

It happens during this time of the year. Your ponds collect excess algae while flowers and plants collect added mildew, which doesn't only ruin the aesthetic beauty, but can also damage its lifespan. Spraying the white powdery substance that forms on plants with a fungicide can sometimes prove a useful antidote.