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January Jobs in the Garden

Category Garden
Published 1 January 2019

January Jobs in the Garden

Things you need to do in the Garden in January. Get the best gardening tips here at Ideal World

January is a cold and barren month, it's true, but that doesn't mean that gardening grinds to a halt. There is always plenty to do to prepare for the warmer months to allow your garden to flourish.

We took a look at some of the jobs you might want to get sorted to give your garden the best chance to surprise you when Spring rolls around again.

Gardening equipment for the cold months
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Tie away stems of any climbing plants to prevent any wind damage. As the weather gets worse over the winter, any exposed limbs or shoots from plants can easily be damaged. Quickly tying them away will prevent this.

Prune to shrubs before vigorous growth in the spring, also prune apple and pear trees, but leave other fruits like plums and cherries until the summer so they don't get silver-leaf infections. You can check any almanac or gardening resource if you're unsure about which plants to prune or not.

Give light maintenance in general everywhere it's needed. There's always a good reason to tidy up. Spacing small jobs throughout the winter will mean you'll have less to do when the sun comes out and gives your garden a fighting chance of becoming more beautiful faster.

Plant bare root roses, shrubs and fruit to allow them time to establish before flowering or fruiting this summer.

Begin to plant lily bulbs now for displays this spring. You might also want to research other winter-planted plants that take a while to come to fruition or bloom.

Cut back all stems of autumn-fruiting raspberry plants to ground level. This will prevent over-growth and damage to the plant.

Order your seeds now and organise them by sowing date so that you've got a physical representation of your plan for the future of your garden. This will cut back on your need to keep a diary or calendar and allow you to plan ahead better for the coming horticultural year.

Open greenhouse doors and vents once a day to allow fresh air to circulate. Although you're keeping your plants warm throughout the winter, you don't want to deprive them of oxygen!

Remove decaying plants and old leaves from plants, shrubs, borders, grasses and ponds. This is of course true at any time of year, but while there's less maintenance required, this is a good time to clean up. Using a leaf blower is an excellent way to keep your garden clear year round.

Keep off lawns in frosty weather to avoid damaging grass. If your lawn is a mark of your pride, or if you just like yelling at the neighbourhood kids, keeping your lawn footprint-free is the best way to guarantee you'll enjoy it year-round.

Make sure you check out our complete gardening range for all your gardening needs as Spring approaches.