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July Jobs for the Garden

Category Garden
Published 1 July 2020

July Jobs for the Garden

With the flowers in full bloom and warm summer weather upon us, July is the perfect time for maintaining that perfect garden. However, it’s important to keep putting the effort in now, as the dry weather, pesky insects and small animals may affect how your cherished garden looks.

To keep your plants and flowers in tip-top shape and to prevent wilting, watering is key - preferably in the morning this will ensure they don't dry out as the daily temperatures soar. What persistently rears its head around your summer bed of blooming flowers is weeds, so the trusty hoe can also be utilised to keep your garden looking immaculate, creating the perfect backdrop for relaxing during the good weather (fingers crossed on that one).

Top Tips

Prolong the Life of your Roses

The correct pruning during the summer makes all the difference to the life of your roses, which really stand out in any garden. Cutting after blooming, while removing them as they disintegrate will help to maintain them long into the summer. Leave the flowers on wild roses to ensure a great display of hips in the autumn.

Mow the Lawn at Least Once a Week

It seems an obvious one during the hot days under the sun, but failing to prevent the growth of your grass can have a big effect on the colourisation of your lawn. Consistently mowing the grass at least once a week will ensure no brown spots crop up.

Pack the Beds with Extra Plants That are Late Bloomers

Are your beds and borders lacking life during the hottest weeks of summer? Ensure they remain full of life and vibrancy by adding some fillers into the gaps where the current batch are beginning to fade. Late bloomers such as Agapanthus Africanus and canna lilies make great additions, or go for some colourful plants to keep your beds in good order.

Maintain Garden Pond

Because of the summer heat, your pond may reduce in depth so it would be best advised to refill yourself, rainwater from a butt is always the best option. Another item on the to-do-list should be to get the rake and remove any excess algae and plants from your water feature to create a healthier pond, which may be discoloured while also possibly harming aquatic life.

Deadhead Your Plants

Keep any plants you looking fresh, healthy and colourful by removing any dying or fading flowers from the bunch, known as dead heading. This can help to create further growth and stop debris spreading, particularly from flowers such as Peonies with multiple petals.

Start Preparing the Winter Fruit & Veg

There's plenty to do during the summer, whether it's picking the best leaves from the garden for a nice salad with the BBQ, or preparing for the winter. Make sure you pick the courgettes before they become marrows, continue with harvesting shallots and garlic planted the previous year, start sowing those delicious vegetables that make a lovely winter soup for autumn. Before you know it summer will make way for those colder winter months so make the most of it!