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November Jobs for the Garden

Category Garden
Published 1 November 2019

November Jobs for the Garden

With the colder seasons creeping in, it’s time to take another look at your garden and wildlife care, to keep your home happy, healthy and vibrant, even when the weather starts to turn!

Seasonal Care for Container Plants

As the sun disappears behind rain clouds, adjusting your plans for your potted plants is so important, especially as the risk of overwatering and frost is much higher.

To help protect your container plants from harmful frost, it’s recommended to set up or invest in a temporary cover for very wet days. This will reduce the chances of your compost becoming sodden, and even help it dry if it does.

As for overwatering, as well as sheltering your potted plants, you should also keep the containers raised off the ground to stop collected water seeping into the soil. You can easily create makeshift ‘feet’ by using small blocks of wood or similar and placing just on the edge of the pot, so excess water can still flow through.

Healthy food for thought

If your kitchen garden is starting to look a little slack, sowing fresh pea and broad bean seeds is a fantastic way to bring a touch of colour back whilst keeping things tasty! Once planted, remember to keep the soil covered with a small cloche or similar to keep hungry pests out and stop the cold weather from disrupting healthy growth.

After fresh shoots have emerged, they’ll make the perfect addition to salads and stir fries! Alternatively, you can wait it out and enjoy a delicious crop of bean pods.

Be our guest!

If you’re keen to keep pretty guests visiting all the way up until winter, you’re in luck! Even as the weather chills, our feathered friends still need to feed, so why not make your garden as inviting as possible?

Any leftover raisins or cut up over-ripe apples can be left for the thrushes and blackbirds simply by scattering along the ground, along with special song-bird mixes if you’ll be extra pleased to see these bird breeds this season. Alternatively, sunflower heads are just the thing to catch the eye of sparrows, nuthatches and finches, as they love to prise the seeds, and a makeshift mesh feed can be hung from low branches, resting just above the ground, to attract robins.

If you tend to suffer from garden pests, specifically squirrels and pesky pigeons, using enclosed suet or wire feeders can help to save the food for invite-only visitors. Depending on the extent of your unwanted attention, you also have the option to set up squirrel guards.

For the whole gang…

So, you’ve cared for the autumnal/winter birds, but doesn’t it feel like something is missing? You can also keep other garden wildlife happy and healthy by:

  • Taking care not to prune remaining healthy, hollow plants with stems, which will give seasonal insects shelter
  • As the cold snap starts think about melting iced ponds for safer access to a water source by carefully using a pan of hot water. Avoid shattering, as it may disturb and harm existing pond and wildlife
  • Alternatively, if you don’t have a pond or water source, simply fill a container with a little bit of water and place just outside for wildlife to drink from