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September Jobs for the Garden

Category Garden
Published 1 September 2019

September Jobs for the Garden

After weeks of hot weather, broken up by torrential downpours our gardens, and hedges in particular have had a growth spurt and need to be reshaped, it’s a job that needs to be done, but with the right tools and technique it’s a quick win in preparation for the autumn.

Depending on the size of your hedge, you’ll know what equipment you need to make a key part of your garden stand out; keeping it tidy, even and manicured.

If it’s a small hedge that needs very little work, perhaps some shears will do the trick. To get the job done efficiently and with minimal fuss, why not try some three-blade shears which require less effort and leaves you with more time to work elsewhere in the garden.

However, for larger hedges you should go with a petrol or battery powered hedge trimmer for the best results, they can cut through much of the work in a matter of minutes. Multi –tools often come with additional attachments including pole saws to cut through thicker branches and extension poles to allow easier access to harder to reach areas.

The best technique for cutting your hedge should be a sweeping cutting motion, starting from the bottom horizontally, moving upwards by keeping the blade parallel to the hedge. In turn, this will cut the foliage that falls away.

Make sure you don’t cut a conifer hedge after August for example as it creates bare patches. Limiting the amount of times you cut it during the harsh winter months will go a long way to keep your hedge in top shape. Once the frost clears away to make way for next spring, you resume trimming.

Another important tip is an obvious one but is still often overlooked – safety first. Suitable eye protection and wearing gloves are a must, using the correct ladder for those hard to reach branches will help get the job done safely. Always avoid using power tools above shoulder height as they can get rather heavy and can quickly become uncontrollable.