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Decline and Leave
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Spray and Leave: Our Customers' Favourite

Category Garden
Published 14 February 2019

Spray and Leave: Our Customers' Favourite

Spray and Leave is a fantastic product, and it's easy to see why: it does exactly what you require in a myriad of circumstances. It might be a cliche to say, "Don't just take our word for it," but just take a look at what our customers are saying:

About Spray and Leave

Spray and Leave already has Over 125 '5 Star' Reviews on Ideal World, because there is no easier way to remove green mould, algae and attack moss.

There's never been a quicker, easier way to clean stonework, masonry, concrete and brickwork roofs. Specially formulated to target dirt, algae, mould, moss and lichen micro-organisms. You simply spray, leave to dry and the job's done. Ideal for paths, patios, driveways, steps, headstones, garden ornaments and much more. What's more, this remarkable formula protects as well as cleans - repelling dirt and killing algae and moss growth. Which means your stonework stays looking pristine for much longer.

Features a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants that, when diluted with water and applied, immediately attacks algae, moss, mould, gunge and grime on any exterior surface. Tackle those unsightly patches on your wall, driveway or windows with this easy-to-use Spray and Leave concentrate.

Simply spray! 5 litres of liquid concentrate makes 25 litres and treats up to 200 sq m. Removes green mould, algae and kills moss.

Spray and Leave
from Spear & Jackson


  • Removes green mould, algae and attacks moss
  • More active ingredient than most other brands,
  • Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor surfaces including patios, fencing, roofs, sheds, decking and driveways and most outdoor surfaces where green mould, algae and moss can be found,
  • Biodegradable, children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas (once dry)
  • See results in a few days,
  • Lasts for months and helps to control re-growth
  • Mix 1 litre of spray with 4 litres of water or 1 part spray with 4 parts water
  • Spray on with a low pressure garden sprayer or watering can then walk away
  • Each time it rains, this safe and cleansing formula re-activates to help prevent the re-growth of algae, moss, mould, gunge and grime without scouring the surface it has impregnated
  • The safest, most effective way of removing algae, moss, mould and gunge from any exterior surface
  • Non-caustic, non-acidic and bleach-free
  • See results even within a few days.

Watch our video about the benefits below

Watch our video
Spray and Leave for a clean outdoor area
See some genuine reviews below from verified customers about how happy they are to purchase this product.
Certainly does what it said in the demo. Very pleased!
— Chriskey2, Verified Customer
I find it an excellent weed killer. This is the best weed killer I have ever used. Sprayed on the weeds one minute and the next they're gone. Spear & Jackson - the best stuff out there!
— Jimda061, Verified Customer
Tried the product out on Monday and by Tuesday my stones had returned to their original colour and my patio flags were brighter
— pil8280, Verified Customer
Used this in the morning and the weeds were wilting by the afternoon
— Techman1, Verified Customer
Excellent, works very well. Even stubborn green has gone. Brilliant.
— Dovet1945, Verified Customer
Even stubbon green algae has gone within a few days that a jet wash did not remove!
— KHolmes, Verified Customer
I have used this product once so far. Couldn't believe how easy. And, a day later the green had turned white. Used it on my fences, decking and paths. Great as you don't need any elbow grease as I'm an oldie.
— Ryanjack, Verified Customer
Within 1 day, 90% of algae has disappeared. Retreated on parts of sandstone patio and fence that I missed, and now 100% gone. Will be applying to conservatory roof soon, expecting same results.
— Aggiedaisy, Verified Customer
My husband applied Spray & Leave on the fence, patio and gravel in our garden and when I looked back 2 hours later I couldn't believe the difference. All the algae was gone. The product is brilliant and I would highly recommend it.
— Fern2010, Verified Customer
I have tried quite a few other brands and they aren't as good as this one.
— Laraine, Verified Customer
I was amazed to see the results of Spray & Leave. Within 3 days I saw results in colour chnages to moss and lichen. It has also killed weeds, plus seedlings of other plants that take over within the joints of paving. I am more than pleased, thank you.
— Silvergadget, Verified Customer
I have used other products that cost a lot more and they have no worked. Used Spray & Leave and I could see after a few hours the difference, with no scrubbing at all. It really works. Path looks good and it has even got rid of the weeds between the stones!
— Baskets, Verified Customer
Absolutely great. Easy to use and really does the job perfectly. I love using this product. It did my patio effortlessly and the results were outstanding!
— Haysue, Verified Customer
I used it first on my wooden garden furniture, it made a difference in two days and ready to re-oil in five days. Used it on the summer house, conservatory and block paving, even the cover of the BBQ. It goes such a long way using the spray. I would recommend this to anyone!
— Verified Customer
Treated fences first. Within 48 hours all green algae had turned white and died. Then onto the patio, again all green algae gone after a couple of days. Impressed so far!
— Tankboy, Verified Customer