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Flexi-pay - 4 x Interest-Free Payments
Terms & exclusions apply. Ends 4am on 24.09.20

Join Ideal World for The Big Audition!

Category General
Published 27 September 2018

Join Ideal World for The Big Audition!

Excitement is brewing for the early days of October, where the latest ITV prime-time six part series is set to play in full motion, giving any and all candidates an opportunity to be cast for their dream job. Enter...The Big Audition.

Ideal World are proud to be part of this highly anticipated entertainment show, with our very own panel of judges sharing the emotional highs and lows of casting, offering a secret look of what life is like backstage. Following the journey of real people, from professionals to newcomers in the industry, putting their best foot forward for real careers, we find ourselves involved in every single moment through intimate interviews and heart-warming backstories.

Amongst our judges and crew are managing director Frances Busby and expert fitness presenter Mike Mason, who we interviewed recently to share their thoughts on the show, for an exclusive insight right at the source.

Talking about the show Frances Busby explained: “We were looking for a guest presenter who was both warm, fun and engaging whilst at the same time knew the products inside out and were able to sell it to the viewers – not an easy task! There are very few people that are able to do all of this with a smile on their face, hence why we were more than happy to be part of the new show in the hopes of finding a new talent.”

How long have you been a presenter with Ideal World?
I have been presenting with Ideal World now for nearly 5 years.

What was your role in the audition process?
My role was to put all of the candidates through their paces and get them to demonstrate each fitness product.

What does it take to be a fitness presenter?
To be a fitness presenter you must truly understand what the body is all about. When you are an expert, people will trust what you say…without trust you have no connection with the customer and without that connection no one will relate, believe or listen to a single word you are saying.

What was the hardest part about having to be a support presenter during a candidate’s interview?
The hardest part about being a support presenter was not being able to help the candidate when things went wrong. I was told to let them try to work through the issue when all I really wanted to do was to help.

What do you love the most about being a TV presenter?
The thing I love most about being a presenter is being able to be myself. It is a wonderful thing to be able to connect with your viewer and engage their attention whilst having a laugh and putting a smile on their faces.

Tune in on Friday 5th October at 9pm with a cuppa for the official launch of The Big Audition!