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Buy It Now with Fran Busby

Category General
Published 16 April 2018

Buy It Now with Fran Busby

There has been a growing level of excitement in recent months here at Ideal World, as we are part of Channel 4’s entertainment series Buy It Now, hosted by Brian Conley.

Fran Busby
Fran Busby

Our Managing Director Fran Busby is one of the retailers on the show, which will be hitting our screens for the next six weeks. The premise of Buy It Now is brilliantly simple, product inventors have just 90 seconds to demonstrate and pitch their products in front of a panel of retailers and audience members – who decide if they want to buy that product.

We caught up with Fran, just days before the show is due to air, to find out a little more about her background and to see what it was like being in front of the TV cameras.

As Ideal World MD, Fran is responsible for all the products you see on the shopping channel. With more than 25 years’ experience Fran knows exactly what to look for when it comes to a successful product and just what’s needed to succeed in the unforgiving world of TV shopping.

During this time Fran has been presented with a truly spectacular range of weird and wonderful products, from Korean oscillating horse-riding fitness equipment to jewellery from outer space!

Ideal World showcased over 5,000 products last year from many well-known household brands including: Dormeo, Tefal, Hoover, Kenwood and Karcher. At Ideal World you need more than just a great product, you also need a great inventor and problem solving demonstrations in order for our customers to Buy It Now!

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Q. Tell us about your normal day at Ideal World, how does it compare to being on set?
Fran Busby: One of the great things about working at Ideal World is that no two days are ever the same! They can vary hugely, from meeting with the presenters and our customers, to new show concepts and brand launches. Being on set was a great experience, I loved having my hair and make-up done every day by the very talented Alex. The days were long but such fun and you simply didn’t know what you were going to see next.

Q. What was it like going from being behind the desk to in front of the camera?
Fran Busby: It was a lot of fun, though I must say you become very self-conscious, under the lights in front of the shoppers.

Q. The show has been surrounded in secrecy so far, what can you tell us about Buy It Now?
Fran Busby: It is a great show that offers inventors a unique opportunity to pitch to real shoppers and retailers. They get to sell themselves and their products, which is perfect for me at Ideal World, as I could see instantly if people were interested and if it would work on TV.

Q. What was it like working with Brian Conley?
Fran Busby: Brian was brilliant, he is very friendly and made both us the retailers and the shoppers feel at home. He really brought his own commentary and fun to the show.

Q. What was the most exciting moment of making the show?
Fran Busby: For me it was seeing the inventors faces when I told them that I was buying their products and happy to sell them on Ideal World, their reactions were fantastic.

Q. How long have you been at Ideal World and how have you seen the business develop in your time?
Fran Busby: I have been at Ideal World for more than 9 years and during that time we have had many hundreds of thousands of products on air & developed many fantastic brands, both on air and on our website. The business is very dynamic and continues to evolve everyday with new technology and ways in which we can bring products to life.