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Get to know our CEO

Category General
Published 14 March 2019

Get to know our CEO

This weekend Ideal World viewers will see our CEO Jamie Martin take to the screen as a guest to share some of his Premium Picks, but before this happens, let’s learn more about what gives his life meaning, his passion for motor racing and why he loves TV shopping.

Portrait of Jamie Martin, CEO
Portrait of Jamie Martin, CEO

Of course, this won’t be the first time he has stepped in front of the cameras at Ideal World but let’s start at the beginning.

Where were you born?
I was born in Chigwell, Essex in a cottage opposite the King’s Head pub on the 8th October, 1972 8pm, so I’m a Libra.

Where did you spend most of your childhood? And go to school?
I spent most of my childhood in Essex. I grew up mainly around Ilford and Gants Hill. I went Loughton Private School, which is no longer there. It was small, around 120 kids and very different. I studied all of the normal subjects, like Science. We were good with Bunsen burners and setting light to the chemistry department!

What are your passions?
When I was younger it was cross country, ice hockey and BMX racing. As I got older, I became involved in motor racing and won a few car championships and about 76 motor races. I did four seasons of racing in Germany, over 2000 laps there, it’s a real passion.

What gives your life meaning?
Health, feeling good, having a balanced approach to things, family, children, especially my kid’s give it meaning. I have horses, and horses give you a lot of meaning, they’re very simple creatures. My wife and I, success, getting things done and changing things for the better.
Tell us some interesting facts about you?
I used to work with Paul McKenna. I learnt neurolinguistics programming from the same person he had learnt it from, which is a guy called Dr Richard Bandler. I’ve written a lot of self-help programmes, like how to lose weight, how to get over phobias and how to change your thinking. I can also walk on my hands and have a photographic memory for numbers.

What risks are worth taking?
If you have convictions about what you want to do or how to do something and you put together a good business plan, or a good plan for whatever that risk is, then it’s worth taking, because that’s the only way you learn. Unless you take risks, you never learn anything and unless you’re taking risks, whether they’re small or large, you’re not moving forward.

What’s the two best pieces of advice you’ve ever received?
One piece of advice I was given by Robert Maxwell is “lawyers and accountants on tap, sales and marketing on top” interpret that as you will! I had another piece of advice from the MD of Coca-Cola, who said: “if you’re going to start a business, start a big one, because it’s the same work as starting a small one”.
If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
First of all, I think we should ALL be given 48 hours a day! If I didn’t have to sleep, I’d probably go motor racing.

When was your first live TV experience?
I brought Vostok watches to Ideal World and on the day we were going on air, the guest let us down. I travelled to Peterborough and probably guested around 10 Vostok watch shows, so that was my first. I’ve also been in a few live TV audiences.

What do you love the most TV shopping channels?
I love TV shopping, and what I love is that it involves a lot of psychology and flows very much into neurolinguistics programming. I find it fascinating, I think it’s one of the ultimate forms of psychology and there’s a lot to be learnt from it.

What can you tell us about your upcoming Ideal World TV debut?
I’m looking forward to coming back onto Ideal World on Saturday and being able to take some questions from the general public, to jump in and have a say. I’m probably going to be a bit rusty, but I’m hoping by the third or fourth hour I’ll have loosened up!