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Grow Your Own Potatoes!

Category Garden
Published 4 February 2019

Grow Your Own Potatoes!

A handy guide to planting, cultivating and growing your own potatoes. One of the most common and easiest vegetables to plant and care for, it takes very little effort to succeed at. Our potato kits are perfect to grow spuds in your garden - for beginners and experts alike!

Any gardener will be able to tell you how satisfying it is to be able to dig up and eat your own home grown vegetables.

Potatoes are one of the most common vegetables to grow. They are easy to plant and take very little effort to look after and therefore it is easy to get a good crop of them. Our Patio Potato Kits are a cheap and fuss-free way to get reliable crops of fresh potatoes from your own garden, in the minimum of space. They include pots, fertiliser and different varieties of seed potato.

On receipt of your seed potatoes, stand them in an egg box in a cool, light room, so they can begin shooting or "chitting" as it is known. Leave them for 3-4 weeks, and short dark shoots will emerge from the eyes. Take care not to damage these when handling or planting. Store your pots and potato fertiliser until you plant them.

To plant using our planting kits, put 10cm of good compost on the bottom of each pot, and place 5 tubers of each variety spaced out evenly on this compost. Add a further 10cm or so of compost to cover, and firm down, adding a sprinkling of potato fertiliser as well. If you are planting direct into garden soil, dig a trench about 20cm deep, and plant tubers in the bottom. In both cases, water in well.

After a month or so, the leaves will emerge from the top of the compost. Add sufficient compost to bury these leaves and a little more, and allow them to grow again. Repeat covering the leaves until the pots are full. Allow them to grow for a further 5-6 weeks. For potatoes grown in the ground, "earth up" by covering them as the leaves grow, building up into a ridge about 15cm above ground level. The more stem you cover with soil, the heavier the crop will be. Water all potatoes well in dry spells when they are in leaf, as this will have a major increase in crop yield - 2 or 3 times greater yield compared with low-watering.

When the leaves begin to die back, you can harvest. Simply empty the bucket out, and break open the rootball, and collect your delicious fresh crop or, if you've planted them in the ground - dig them up!