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Hanging Basket Guide

Category Garden
Published 26 February 2017

Hanging Basket Guide

If you’ve always been curious about how to create the perfect instant impact from your hanging baskets in your garden then this guide is for you. With a few quick tips and a planting guide on the right types of plants, compost and feed to use, you can become a hanging basket expert instantly.

Hanging Baskets create instant impact from the moment they are planted up! We recommend planting grown-on plants and using McDermott's SwellGel & Feed, and our Premium Professional Compost mix for best results.

A 15" Easy Fill basket has room for 17 plants—one in each hole and 5 plants, evenly spaced on top.

Quick Tips

  • Use trailing plants on the outer edges
  • Hanging baskets lose water quicker than other containers, remember to water regularly!
  • Pick plants for their look, but also their scent
  • Deadheadding and trimming will encourage more blooms

Planting Guide

Firstly, get a medium sized plant pot and place it on a table/potting bench, and then place your >Easy Fill basket on top. This will allow you to easily turn the basket, preventing plant damage.

Put the couple of handfuls of compost (to the level of the first planting holes) and a sprinkling of SwellGel & Feed into the bottom of the basket.

Then get one of your plants, and feed it through the first planting hole, so that the roots and any soil are inside the basket, and the foliage is on the outside.

There are some "Lattice Gates" in the box with your baskets. These clip into the planting holes of the basket to hold your plants in place. From the outside, place the gate over the planting hole, being careful not to trap any leaves, then click it into place. This will hold the plant with the roots inside and the leaves and flowers outside - in both cases perfectly unharmed!

Repeat this process until all of the planting holes are planted up, adding more compost and another Sprinkling of SwellGel & Feed as you go. Create a mound of compost on top of your basket, then plant more plants here too. A 15" basket has room for 4 plants around the outside plus one in the middle.

Finally, all you need to do is hang your basket up. You'll notice a 4-Point chain in the box for each basket. Feed the chain through the apertures built into the rim of the basket, and then click the anchor on the end of the each chain into place. This will lock them in, so your basket will be safe and secure.

Water in your plants well, then as they need it, and then sit back and watch your plants grow into incredible displays - the best you've ever grown!

Plants to use

Some of the best plants to use in hanging baskets are:

  • Petunias and Jumbo Fuchsias,
  • Begonias,
  • and, Pansies.

But, you can also mix it up with some longer herbs, ivy or creeping Jennies.

The important thing is to enjoy, experiment and have fun!