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Sage by Heston Blumenthal

Category Kitchen
Published 29 November 2017

Sage by Heston Blumenthal

We're excited to welcome Heston Blumenthal's new range, "Sage", to Ideal World. Here we give you a run-down of the latest kitchen gadgets from a culinary master.

Each appliance is easy to use, with straightforward controls that do all the thinking for you and give precise results every time. Their range of kitchenware also comes with recipes and some tips from Heston, which help you get the most from your tea-maker, coffee machine or bread maker. It's Heston's meticulous perfectionism that's helped make the Sage's range advanced, high-spec appliances that stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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Biography of Heston Blumenthal

Blumenthal's interest in cooking began at the age of sixteen on a family holiday to Provence, France, when he was taken to the Michelin-starred restaurant "L'Oustau de Baumanière. Inspired by the quality of the food and "the whole multi-sensory experience: the sound of fountains and cicadas, the heady smell of lavender, the sight of the waiters carving lamb at the table" he decided on it as a career.

When he left school at eighteen, Blumenthal began an apprenticeship at Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir but left after a week's probation. Over the next ten years he worked in a "relatively undemanding series of jobs – during the day, teaching himself the French classical repertoire in the evenings. Through his own research he learned to "adopt a totally different attitude towards cuisine that at its most basic boiled down to: question everything".

In 1995 Blumenthal bought a run-down pub in Bray, Berkshire called The Ringers and re-opened it as The Fat Duck. It quickly gained the attention of food critics; Matthew Fort and Fay Maschler praised the cooking. Blumenthal described the original restaurant as a "bistro". Blumenthal acquired The Hinds Head, also in Bray, in 2004. The building was a 15th-century tavern; it now serves traditional seasonal cuisine and historic British dishes. In 2011, it was named the Michelin Pub Guide's "Pub of the Year".

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About the Range

Quick Touch Crisp Microwave

Make the most of your microwave, no longer is a microwave just for defrosting meat or heating up leftovers. The Sage by Heston Blumenthal Quick Touch Crisp Microwave cooks with the most accurate temperature, and conditions specific to each ingredient. Taking the guesswork out of preparing your meal.

Enjoy intelligent cooking with this revolutionary cooking device. This easy to use microwave features smart settings which know the correct power level and time to suit what you're cooking and it'll even switch to grill when it's needed!

Intelligent One-Touch Cooking

Opening the door reveals a number of one-touch buttons for everyday tasks. E.g. soften butter with just one touch. Then using weight it calculates how long to work for, and at what temperature. Other tasks include melting chocolate, baking a potato, toasting a sandwich or warming baked beans, without them exploding inside of the oven.

The inverter technology built into the Quick Touch Crisp Microwave varies the power level, maintaining a constant stream of heat. This means that this smart microwave can brown and crisp foods like pies, pastries and pizzas, just like a conventional oven would, it can also handle simple tasks such as softening butter and melting chocolate. It also allows you to poach, braise, and steam more delicate foods without them turning rubbery, or being hard out the outside and cold in the middle.

Crisper Pan and Grill

With a 1000W grill and crisper pan, soggy bottoms will be a thing of the past for all your pizza, pies, quiches and pastries. Working in conjunction with the microwave, it works out grill times and power levels automatically for that all-important crispy finish. It will even prompt you to pre-heat the tray, to protect against those dreaded soggy bottoms.

If you think it needs a little bit extra, the ‘A Bit More' button will give the food an additional blast without restarting the whole cooking programme. Bespoke to your needs you can manually adjust the power and time on the microwave by using the dials, allowing you to use it in a more traditional fashion.

Smart Cook and Grill

The Smart cook and grill setting uses predetermined microwave and grill times to take the guess work out of cooking your favourite food. It has been optimized to work in conjunction with the crisper pan, and is ideal for crisping up items that can become soggy from microwave heating.

Smart Reheat / Defrost

The Smart Reheat setting uses lower power levels to gently reheat food without overcooking or drying it out. This setting will heat your food to perfect serving temperatures.

The Smart Defrost setting is designed to gently defrost foods without overheating it or drying out the edges.

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