Lisa Riley‘s Brand New Look, and how it inspired her new perfume, "Change by Lisa Riley"

Category Beauty Published 25 April 2017 by Phil Mann

Lisa Rileys Brand New Look, and how it inspired her new perfume, Change by Lisa Riley

TV star Lisa Riley is launches her new perfume “Change by Lisa Riley” and gives us the low-down on how her life has changed over the past few years. If you’ve been following her career, you’ll know how far she’s come and what she’s achieved. Her Oriental-style fragrance with floral notes is perfect as a summer eau de toilette.

Lisa appeared on the front page of the Daily Mirror (25th April 2017), to talk about her incredible journey, starting on Emmerdale, her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012; culminating in two years of weight loss and lifestyle change, both now as presenter on Loose Women, and fashion and beauty entrepreneur here at Ideal World. Her amazing story is celebrated in the release of her new perfume "Change by Lisa Riley."

Lisa says about her change, "I just couldn't believe it was me. It was a complete disbelief. I don't have to think about covering up… it's like being Miss World."

Change by Lisa Riley (50ml Fragrance)

"It is celebrating everything I've gone through, and how I've come out the other side with a fresh, exciting path ahead of me." - Lisa Riley

Fragrance Notes

Seasons come and go but perfume is timeless and for all seasons. "Change by Lisa Riley" is an Oriental-style fragrance with floral notes. Perfect to take away on holiday or for a summer fragrance its rich and sensual. The top notes are mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers, then Tuberose and orange flower with a hint of jasmine are in the heart and the base is created with sandalwood and tonka bean with a pinch of patchouli.

Lisa wanted something celebratory to mark her huge recent personal journey, everyone's shared her story, and seen her change so now they can share in it with her perfume and fashion range.

"Change by Lisa Riley" depicts what she‘s gone through. This is a fresh new chapter in her life, a change in direction, she‘s moving forward. Lisa's vibrant and full of life attitude is reflected in this fragrance.

About "Change by Lisa Riley"

Lisa wanted something celebratory to mark her huge recent personal journey so that everyone could share in her story, and see her change so now they can share in it, too. "Change by Lisa Riley" represents and depicts the great personal transformation she‘s gone through in the last few years. This is a fresh new chapter in her life, the different direction she's going in and now she‘s moving forward. Change is always good and she wanted that to be embodied in the scent. Lisa is vibrant and full of life and the scent reinforces this.

Lisa says, "I am so chuffed with the name of the perfume as it speaks volumes about what has happened to me, and it smells fresh and alive, which is how I now feel."

Lisa wanted the colour of the bottle to be orange or coral because that's her personal stamp-her colour. All her friends and family associate orange and coral with Lisa and think "that‘s her!" when they see it. Lisa believes she can look at a shelf of perfumes and associate each with one of her friends and family, as the way a perfume looks is very distinctive and she wanted her new range to be identifiable as hers without the shadow of a doubt. Lisa sees her friends through colour, and she wants her customers to see her the same way, so there was no doubt orange should be hers.

Lisa loves being at Ideal World, saying, "Fashion is and always has been a massive part of my life. I really hope you enjoy all the collections I am going to keep bringing you in conjunction with the wonderful Ideal World Shopping channel, and great company to work with, expressive, vibrant and ambitious, the kind of people I just love working with!"

Help us celebrate our new launch and try "Change by Lisa Riley" today.

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