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Keep Cool and Make Your Own Ice Cream

Category Kitchen
Published 7 July 2017

Keep Cool and Make Your Own Ice Cream

There's nothing better than making your own ice-cream, but most normal ice-cream makers are time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, at Ideal World we have a solution that's quick and easy and very impressive too.

The History of Ice Cream

Ice cream (or cream ice as it was originally called) dates back thousands of years. Alexander the Great ate snow covered in honey back in 300BC, and there's even reference in the Bible to King Solomon having a sweet iced drink (think slushy, or frappe).

However, modern ice cream as we know it didn't occur until 1744 (around the time of Handel and Walpole, at which time George Washington was only 12 years old, but in later life he owned his own ice-cream maker), but until the 1850s it was mostly only enjoyed by the rich elite. Then modern manufacturing and refridgeration techniques meant that everyone can enjoy it.

And we carry on revolutionising, too, with our easiest ever ice-cream maker to use, at a great low price to make it easy for you to enjoy your own ice cream.

Simply follow our handy guide below to create your own delicious desserts with the Chef n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

It's perfect to get kids involved in making simple dishes at home and starting their interest in cooking and making, and a perfect activity for a hot summer afternoon.

It's also great for creating that home-chef party as you whip up your desserts in front of your guests.

Because it's so quick and hassle-free, you can use it to make your own desserts in minutes.


  • Prepare Your Ingredients: For a basic vanilla ice cream mix, add 240 ml whole milk (half a pint), 200g (7 oz) sugar, 480ml (1 pint) of heavy cream with a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon vanilla. You can use vanilla essence, or for a real treat use real vanilla pods.
  • Pour and Freeze: Mix your ingredients together and pour into your frozen Chef’n Sweet Spot. Let the ice cream sit for a few seconds to start freezing.
  • Mix It Up: Once your mixture has begun to freeze, start scraping and scooping to build a consistent texture – think “scrambled eggs!”
  • Add Toppings: Fruits, chocolate, berries, nuts – the possibilities are endless! Just start folding in whatever ingredients you want.
  • Voilà! Ice Cream Your Way: Makes six servings in approximately 30 minutes so get creative!

You can also add your own ingredients during the pour-and-freeze stage why not try adding mashed strawberries, raspberries, chocolate, pistachios, coffee flavouring or an experiment of your own design?

Serving and Presentation

Why not use our Ice Cream Sandwich tin to make your own ice cream sandwiches, our ice-cream cookie bowl tin to make delcious edible bowls for your ice cream, or our waffle maker to make indulgent breakfasts.