About Pick of the Day Day

Category General Published 8 August 2017 by Phil Mann

About Pick of the Day Day

Pick of the Day

At Ideal World we love bargains, with so many great deals packed into each day, we're often asked what our best deal or our favourite product is. That's why we started Pick of the Day, where we recommend one of our fantastic products from 9pm for 24 hours.

Whether it's a rock-bottom price, a not-to-be-missed bundle or a world exclusive you can get before anyone else, our Picks of the Day are some of the most exciting, money-saving, revolutionary deals around.

Pick of the Day Day

As we have a Pick of the Day every day, you can imagine that we have a huge library of wonderful deals and products to draw from, and you'd be right. In order to satisfy the massive demand for our Picks, we're bringing our favourites back for one day only. Our Pick of the Day Day will be crammed with all the amazing recent deals. So if you missed out before don't miss out this time because when it's gone: it's gone!

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