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Top tips for easy spring cleaning

Category Home
Published 9 April 2020

Top tips for easy spring cleaning

The emergence of the spring season brings with it a sense of renewal. It’s the ideal time to awaken your abode and give your surroundings a refresh. Embrace the spirit of the season by following these spring cleaning top tips.


The key to a thoroughly sparkling home is all in the preparation. Grab yourself a notepad and jot down all your to-dos per room. By sectioning out your plans in chunks, it allows you to prioritise effectively and not feel overwhelmed. Focus on the areas that need extra attention and give yourself a time frame to complete it by. The satisfaction as you tick them off will keep up your momentum and motivation. Remember to enjoy the process, cleaning is a great way to distract yourself and calm the mind.


Before you begin the big clean, ensure your space is clutter free. Now is the perfect opportunity to rid of items that you no longer need and begin afresh with a more streamlined lifestyle. Try organising all your items into four categories – to bin, to store, to give away or to keep. It’s a great time to sell or donate old items, and cleaning becomes much easier when the clutter has dispersed.

Team effort

Get all the family involved in the spring clean efforts. Even the tiniest of hands can make a big difference in the workload. Give each member of the household their own set of targets so they all feel involved and the work gets finished much quicker. You could even create a family reward as an incentive. Easy jobs for little ones include polishing, dusting and sweeping. Why not put some music on, dance as you clean and make it fun for all?

Keep it simple

The staple, basic domestic cleaning products are the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. A good all-purpose cleaner and a pack of microfiber cloths is all you need for a thorough clean. Shadazzle, for example, is the ultimate natural multi-purpose solution to deep clean everything – it cleans, polishes and protects any surface, plus, it’s exclusively made from entirely natural ingredients and smells incredible! Grab a pack of microfiber cloths in varying colours so you can co-ordinate colour per room.


It’s more important than ever to kill germs and sanitise all surfaces in our homes. The kitchen is where germs are most likely to breed and, as it’s where food is prepared, this area in particular needs to be thoroughly disinfected. Mrs Gleams Kitchen Cleaner is a powerful formula which kills 99.99% of all germs in just 30 seconds. Make sure you use one like this that is also safe on skin and for use on all food preparation surfaces.

Top to Bottom

It’s easy to get into a regular cleaning routine where you concentrate on everyday surfaces but for a deep spring clean, you should refresh every nook and cranny; delve inside the cupboards, get behind the sofas and clean from floor to ceiling. A lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner is not only great for easily capturing and removing dust, dirt and debris from the floor, but handheld attachments are perfect for reaching those sky-high cobwebs and hard to each areas. For a spotless clean, pay attention to those forgotten parts such as underneath the bed and behind storage cabinets.

From professional, heavy duty carpet cleaners to quick stain remover wipes, Ideal World is your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs. So, let’s grab our rubber gloves, play our favourite dance tunes and get our spring clean on!

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