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FAQs with STK

Category Tech Published 23 November 2017

FAQs with STK

Find out how to get the most from your phone. We asked STK all of your most commonly-asked questions.

With the invention of smartphones, the world consolidated its need for hundreds of different products into a single magic square we keep in our pockets. SatNav, music player, games, radio, camera, text editor, address book, calendar, mail, money, alarm clock, news source and telephone all in one!

With this device holding one of the most important places in our lives, we need to be sure about the smartphone we use and whether it suits our lives and what we need from it.

We are proud to stock the amazing range of STK phones here at Ideal World that come packed with features and spec for anything you could need in a phone.

STK is a mobile technology firm dedicated to offering premium, forward-thinking accessories and devices. Built upon an ethos of innovation and creativity, STK strives to think smart and challenge the norm by creating exceptional products that serve the purpose of enhancing the way people live through technology. The company’s passion lies in redefining luxury by merging design, innovation and technology to create beautifully-crafted mobile devices and accessories.

Smartphones for any user
And for any occasion

With markets all over the world, a plethora of mobile accessories and devices, STK is a market leader of mobile technology. Designed and engineered in London, STK is truly a Great British export. Its team works meticulously to keep one step ahead of mobile trends. With 24 years’ experience behind the team, such expertise is translated into high, quality, forward-thinking, meaningful products that are competitively priced.

Engineered by experts, built by craftsmen, STK accessories and devices are packed full of state-of-the-art technology. From the initial design in London, the products are painstakingly developed, each product is carefully monitored through every step of the manufacturing process. STK delivers beautiful, functional products made from the best possible materials at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

Launched in London in 1993 as Santok Distribution, the brand soon swapped distribution for its own brand of STK Accessories, swiftly becoming a global player in the market. The next major shift in the company came in 2011 when STK launched its mobile division gradually growing from rugged and feature phones to smartphones. Following soon after in 2015, a software division was introduced to spearhead the development of STK Care and User Experience. Growing organically, through tireless hard work and a dedication to its customers, the brand has sold a phenomenal two billion products in over 150 countries since 1993.

We checked in with STK and put our most Frequently Asked Questions to them about our STK range to aid our customers in their decision to make a purchase in our great range of tech.

Watch the brand video:
Watch the brand video
STK: Fits into any life

Q: What's great about STK?

A: STK phones are easy-to-use smartphones. We have made this smartphone as simple as possible and have stuck to normal Android without changes so you should be able to use this device straight away.

Q: What does STK provide that no other phone does?

A: STK Care embedded in the device – to keep your device brand new, every day. Designed by STK, this software monitors your phone 24/7 to improve performance. Your STK Smartphone has a unique set of pre-embedded algorithms and rules to allow your hardware and software to communicate seamlessly, helping to protect you and educate you in the world of Android and Apps. Get the latest tips on how to use and keep your device in good condition. Soon to be launching with Live chat so you can talk to STK directly about any issues.

Q: Where can I get extra help?

A: Refer to quick user manual or go to the user manual and click on “User Manual." All support can be found online by raising a ticket in our contact us section here.

Q: How do I take off the back cover?

A: The removable back of the STK Life 5 is manufactured from extremely durable material - In order to remove, apply light pressure to the middle of the back where the battery would sit and then lift off the back from the bottom or side of the device. Please take care not to apply any pressure to the screen. Never use a tool or coin to remove the back. To re-attach, press down firmly on all corners of the device and round the device.

Q: How can I preserve my battery throughout the day without having to charge it more than once a day?

A: All smartphones usually need charging on a daily basis. The battery life depends upon various factors like network signal strength, your application usage, screen brightness, screen timeout time and so on. Low signal strength will result in lower battery life. Applications opened on background will be consuming battery equally. Maximum screen brightness and having screen timeout period of more than a minute will consume higher amount of battery. Note: Remember to close the applications you aren’t using at the moment; it can help you optimize the battery life. You can also go into settings under device click on “Power Saver” -> click on the “+” sign and perform some battery saving options here.

Q: How do I turn on Bluetooth?

A: You can do this by swiping down the menu from the top and clicking the “Bluetooth” icon on the top middle. You will also need to put your other device in pairing mode and pair each device to the phone.

Q: Why does the screen turn off when I call?

A: It happens when the proximity sensor near the receiver is blocked with your ear or any other object. It is perfectly normal and the purpose of turning the screen off is to prevent unwanted operations. You can see the screen turning on like earlier once the phone is removed from your ear. Note: Do not block the area around receiver with phone cover or any protective cases. Likewise, while applying any screen protective film or glass, please make sure you avoid covering the proximity sensor. Blocking proximity sensor might result malfunctions.

Q: How do I change my screen brightness?

A: You can change this by swiping down the menu from and change the slider with the sun symbol up and down to your preference. Please note having a screen on full brightness will decrease battery performance. You can also do this in Settings > Device > Display.

Q: How do I perform a factory reset?

A: For the devices with Android 4.0 and above, go to Settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data

Q: How do I keep my phone operating at a fast speed?

A: All electronic devices, whether phones, laptops or PCs slow down as they fill up. bOften, the level of internal storage slows down the functioning of your device so freeing up space on internal storage can help boost the speed by backing up your device and deleting things like photo, video and unused applications. For that you can move applications to SD card from internal storage, however bear in mind, not every application can be moved from an internal storage to external SD card. To move the applications, go to Settings > Application > Manage application and select which downloaded application you are moving to SD card or Internal storage. Also you might need to try performing a Factory Data Reset to erase all your data and files on your device and have it function like a new one.

Q:How do I take a screen shot on my phone

A: To capture the screen, please hold the volume down key simultaneously with power button for two seconds. Captured screen will automatically be saved on your image gallery.

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