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Help with Drones and FAQs

Category Toys
Published 8 October 2018

Help with Drones and FAQs

Ideal World is proud to present a range of drones, with something for everyone, drones featuring auto-flip for all of you aerial acrobatics, an altitude lock that stops it going too high and some even return to you automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a drone can be tricky, but we've answered the most common questions below:

Are all our drones digital?
Every drone we sell at Ideal World is a digital signal drone. We use a 2.4g signal with all our drones.
Can you fly more than one drone in the same space without them interfering?
Yes, because all our drones are digital and use the 2.4g signal, you can fly up to 20 in the same space at the same time so no interfering. Buy multiple drones and have air races!
What does Headless Mode / Auto Direction mean?
When you fly drones more than 10 meters away from you it is always hard to see which way they are facing. Drones don’t fly in the direction of the controller, they fly in the direction of the drone. However when you activate Headless Mode / Auto Direction, whatever way the drone is facing it locks to the direction of the controller so pushing forward will alkways fly the drone away from you, and pulling back will always return it to you.
How do I charge my drone?
All our drones charge by plugging them into a USB plug socket.
Do I need a license for my drone.
Currently no license is needed for any of our drones
Where can I fly my drone?
There is a full list of recommended rules and regulations on the website, which we recommend you to look at.
Can I buy spare batteries for my drone?
All our drones are made specifically for Ideal World, and extra batteries are available from our website. However be quick because when they are gone, there gone.
What does Altitude Height Lock mean?
With Altitude Height Lock, a drone can be flown up to any chosen height, and if you let go of the controller it will remain hovering at that height.
Can I watch any footage I film back through VR Glasses?
Yes, all our drones that have live streaming cameras, record your video in a format that you can watch back through VR Glasses.
Drone advice

Follow the Drone Code

You won't need a license to operate a drone, provided you're not using it for commercial purposes (i.e. getting paid) and it's a light-weight toy drone, but there are a few rules to bear in mind so you don't fall foul of the law:

  • Suitable for ages 8 and above.
  • Ensure you follow the DroneSafe rules and the drone code:
    • Always keep your drone in sight.
    • Stay below 400ft (120m)
    • Follow the manufacturers instructions.
    • Keep 150ft (50m) from people and property.
    • Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields.
    • If you are using your drone to film, ensure you have permission first