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Wacky weather and what to do!

Category Garden
Published 1 March 2019

Wacky weather and what to do!

The last couple of weeks have been a joy for gardeners all over the country, providing an opportunity to spend some good time outdoors in the unseasonably warm weather.

It has provided the perfect opportunity to clear and tidy, check how everything has over-wintered and get planning what to grow in the months ahead. The lawn has started to green up a little and will be ready for its first feed in the next fortnight; the beds and borders are showing signs of life with buds swelling and shoots appearing. Suddenly there is fragrance in the garden – Witch Hazel, Daphne and Hyacinths are all filling the air with their clouds of perfume – made all the more powerful by the warmer temperatures.

Whilst we have such lovely working conditions, here are a few things for you to get ahead with in your garden:

  1. Plant roses and fruit trees now so they gate established before the very warm days arrive – bare root bushes and trees will romp away if planted now. Add some Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser to the planting hole for the best results. For establishes roses, mulch with Horse Manure – they will love it!
  2. Over-sow your lawn with some free grass sees now and you will have the perfect sward in time for summer. March is the traditional time to repair or sow new lawns!
  3. Go over all beds and borders and remove any weeds that have over-wintered. Fork in some Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser to the surface so your plants will have nutrients on hand as they burst in to growth. Now is a great time to add a protective layer of mulch – composted bark looks great, keeps moisture in and also keeps the weeds down too!
  4. Start Begonia Tubers and Dahlias in to life but potting them up in fresh compost – keep them indoors and frost free though! By starting early you will get bigger and better displays!
  5. If you have a pond, check it over, make sure that your pump is working and remove any debris that might have blown in over winter. Also, check your gutters and remove any build-up of leaf’s so that when the spring rain appears everything works as it should! Finally, if you have a bird feeder, keep it topped up with high quality and mixed Bird Food – this is a vulnerable time for wild birds as they emerge from the winter.