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Bolt from the Blue: Anchar - The Fastest Submarine

Category Jewellery & Watches
Published 1 February 2018

Bolt from the Blue: Anchar - The Fastest Submarine

The Anchar is based on amazing submarine technology. The Soviet submarine, K-222 (originally K-162) was the world's fastest submarine, celebrated in the Anchar watch.

Constructed with a titanium hull, this light-weight but strong material meant she could reach speeds of up to 50mph: no mean feat!

However, K-222's high speed came at the price of high construction costs, a lot of noise (bad news for a submarine that wants to remain undetected), and it would even go so fast it would damage itself in the process. It was so expensive it earned the nickname, "Golden Fish."

The K-222 is the only vessel to be developed with the Soviet Union's nuclear-powered attack submarine project 661 design, the sub is best known in the West by the name Papa class.

The project was unique, both in its output and by design: the designers were forbidden to use technical solutions that had been found before, forcing them to innovate.

Gents Anchar Automatic Watch with Interchangeable Strap and Dry Box
The Anchar watch
Amazing Soviet technology

K-222 was designed to intercept and attack aircraft carrier groups. The cruise missiles could only be reloaded when docked so only had one shot at each potential battle or launch. K-222 had two light-water reactors, designed to be as compact as possible. Unusually, there were no diesel generators, at all, relying entirely on the reactors or an emergency battery.

On 30 September 1980, one of K-222's nuclear reactors was damaged during maintenance in the shipyard. By 1988, she was placed in reserve at the Belomorsk Naval Base in Severodvinsk. In 2010 the boat was dismantled at Sevmash, the only facility capable of handling the titanium hull. In an unusual move, the scrapping was performed with the reactors and nuclear fuel still on board, as no provisions had been made in the design for the reactor's removal.

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The "Anchar" watches were released in 2010 and were the first VE watches for divers with both tritium tubes and water resistance up to 300 meters. The watches were equipped with movements from the Japanese firm SII. During the winter month January, 2012 the Anchar watches are successfully field-tested in the Dakar Rally on the wrist of a Lithuanian racer Gintautas Igaris. The rally was lasted for two week and the track was the impassable South American terrain.

Igaris is a Lithuanian motorsport racer who competes in vast, inhospital deserts and difficult terrain. An expert rider for 8 years with a large collection of motorcycles.

Gintautas Igaris
Expert rider