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10 Questions for Watch Week

Category Jewellery & Watches Published 10 November 2017

10 Questions for Watch Week

Find out what makes our watch team tick with this glimpse behind the scenes at Ideal World.

There is little more satisfying than adding to, or even starting, a watch collection. Beautiful timepieces with timeless quality that can add class and style to any outfit or occasion, and carry with them a sentimental story and thousands of years of human ingenuity in creating a masterpiece of engineering and design.

As we launch our Watch Week promotion with dozens of great deals on timeless timepieces, Ideal World copywriter Phil Mann spoke with our Senior Watch Buyer Maria Read to get a real hands-on (pardon the pun) experience.

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Phil Mann, Ideal World Copywriter: Can you describe a little of what you do behind the scenes at Ideal World?
Maria Read, Senior Watch Buyer: As the Senior Watch Buyer here at Ideal World no two days are the same. Most of my time is spent working with our watch suppliers bringing in the latest styles from our wide variety of brands and negotiating the best deals to pass on to our watch customers. Once we have the best deals we put together the show line up and spend time with our presenters and production team ensuring all the key features and details are briefed for the live show. Then it's show time we watch all our watch shows and love all the interaction we get via email from our collectors at home, so keep those emails coming in!
IW: What drew you to the world of watches?
MR: I have been buying for over 20 years and jumped at the opportunity to learn and expand my skill set into watches.
IW: Why should you wear a watch when we all have phones in our pockets nowadays?
MR: With a watch you can show and express you personality and wear a different style for a different day or occasion. Many of our brands are steeped in history or exciting stories—you don't get that with a phone!
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IW: What are some great watches you have coming up, and what's the ethos behind “Watch Week” at Ideal World?
MR: Maria – each show during watch week offers something different from gift with purchase, great prices and world exclusive launches. We have a strong customer following on watches so what better way to showcase our favourite brand than in a whole week devoted to watches.
IW: There are lots of different types of watches on sale, what do they all mean?
MR: Where do I start? So many features to talk about! For a quick over view talk a look at our Watch Buying Guide and keep watching our shows for the latest watch facts.
IW: What are some tips for taking care of your watch so it lasts a lifetime?
MR: Take a look at our watch care guide over at our Timepiece Top Tips for ideas on how you can get the most out of your watch.
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IW: Do you have a dream watch you'd get if money was no object?
MR: I would love to design my own watch so I could make it unique just to me, using the finest movement and hand made by an artisan Swiss watch maker.
IW: Can you tell us your favourite watch we sell at Ideal World?
MR: That is like my having to pick my favourite child I could not possibly choose – I love them all.
IW: What should the average person be looking for when they buy a watch?
MR: A watch should make you smile when you look at it, does not matter how much it cost or what the brand is it's what it means to you that matters!
IW: All our watches have excellent stories behind them, which do you think is the most interesting?
MR: Maria – for me it would have to be the history behind the Brand Mathey Tissot. You can read more on the Mathey Tissot story here on our Community Features Hub.

Thank you, Maria for answering our questions. If you've enjoyed this piece, have a look at our amazing watch collections and see what wonderful gifts you can find whether it's for a loved one or even yourself!

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