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Introducing the Raoul. U.Braun Gent's Tourbillon Watch

Category Jewellery & Watches
Published 1 March 2018

Introducing the Raoul. U.Braun Gent's Tourbillon Watch

Every month we highlight, in depth, a new watch at Ideal World to let you see through collectors' eyes what the special features and unique properties each watch has. This month's watch features a fascinating Tourbillon movement.

The Tourbillon Movement

The Tourbillon was invented and added to watches to improve accuracy by eliminating the pull of gravity, rotating the watch mechanism at a constant rate to ensure that gravity acts equally on all parts of the watch, no matter what direction it is in when worn or stored. It requires incredible skill and manufacturing prowess to make.

Raoul. U.Braun Gent's Tourbillon Watch with MOP Dial and Genuine Leather Strap
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As gravity acts on the tiny, sensitive instruments, cogs and springs inside the watch, even modern watches, and causes them to lose time. By evening out the direction of the mechanics of the watch, the tourbillon preserves accuracy, but is also an engineering marvel.

Developed around 1795 and patented by the French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet on June 26, 1801, a tourbillon mounts the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage. A tourbillon typically rotates about one revolution per minute, averaging out positional errors.

The tourbillon is one of the most valued features of collectors' watches and premium timepieces, a recent renaissance of interest in tourbillons has been met by the industry with increased availability of time pieces bearing the feature. Now you can own this piece of history with Ideal World.

The watch is beautifully designed with a mother-of-pearl face, made from mollusc shells, it's beautifully iridescent and each one is as unique as a fingerprint.

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About the Brand

Raoul U. Braun watches represent the combination of preserved German traditions, centuries' old proven technology, classical design and premium quality. Thus Raoul U. Braun sees itself as an ambassador for people with a distinct sense for the sustainable combination of traditional craftsmanship authentic design and latest technology as well as for connoisseurs on their quest for the extraordinary.

For Raoul U. Braun the passion of watchmaking had a long family tradition. The founder and current owner is inspired by one of his ancestors who enriched the German Art of watchmaking already in the late 18th century and made his contribution that the world perceives German watchmaking as equal as Swiss Nobel brands. It's the concern of Raoul U. Braun to revive the cultural heritage and – by using the most state of the art technology- to make fascinating mechanical watches affordable.

Little marvels of technology are the heart of each Raoul U. Braun watch.