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Data Protection Information

Our Guiding Principles

We take protecting your information very seriously. Your data is therefore processed with great care and in strict compliance with applicable data protection law. Organisational and technical security measures have been taken to protect all of our websites against the risks present in processing personal data. Any partners who support us in the provision of this website must comply with these provisions as well.

What we log as standard

You can use all the areas of our website that are not access-protected without disclosing your identity. We log every use of our website as standard in order to prevent attacks, remedy faults and investigate security incidents. You can find more about our log data in the section "How we process your data".

Which permissions do we have to process your data

We respect your privacy. Consequently, we only process your data when we are permitted to do so. Of course, you can also give us permission to process your data by opting into the corresponding data processing on our website. In other cases, we process your data because we are permitted to do so by law. If, for example, you place an order with us, we are permitted to process your data in order to fulfil that contract, this includes passing your data to our delivery partners.

The same applies when you make use of other services on our website that require your data to be processed. We are also permitted to process your data when we have a legitimate interest in doing so. One example of this is the log data that we collect in order to ensure that our website can be operated without defects (including the technical provision of the website). In any case, we will inform you about the corresponding processing of your personal data and, of course, your interests will always be taken into account in any such processing.

What else you should know

Users below the age of 16 should only transmit personal data to us with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. The data protection law that applies may result in different age limits in this regard.

Our website may contain links to websites, which are not provided by us. We have no influence over how your data is processed on these websites or their compliance with provisions on data protection. Please note any Data Protection Information they provide.

How we process your data

Presentation of the website, log data

In order to display the website on your internet browser, we use various technical devices to ensure that all content (text, images, video, etc.) is always up to date. The data collected in this way will only be used to display the contents of the website in your internet browser and will be deleted immediately after intermediate storage within the scope of delivery.

For technical reasons, each time your internet browser accesses our website it automatically sends information to our web server (i.e. log data). We store some of this information in log files, such as:

  • date of the access

  • time of the access

  • URL of the website

  • version of the HTTP protocol used

  • files accessed

  • volume of data transferred

  • internet browser type and version

  • type of the operating system

  • IP address (anonymised)

Log data does not contain personal data. We only analyse log data event-driven when required, especially in order to remedy faults in the operation of our website or clarify security incidents. We store this log data indefinitely.

It may be necessary for us to collect additional the IP address of the device as well as log data in order to remedy faults or preserve evidence relating to security incidents. We delete this data once the fault has been remedied or the security incident has been clarified in full, or if the original purpose of the processing no longer exists due to other factors. In the event of a security incident, we will transmit log data to the investigating authorities on a case-by-case basis, to the extent permitted and necessary.

Contacting us – Customer Service

We have a number of third-party suppliers who assist us with providing our customer services provision. These include: a provider of the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system which allows you to place an order through an automated system; a provider of email and live chat services; an external third-party contact centre who wil deal with the majority of customer service contacts; and, where you have opted in to receive third party marketing communications, our third-party provider of a benefits and discounts subscription service. Where required, we will share your data with them in order to be able to deal with your order and/or query. All of our third-party providers must comply with all our appropriate contractual and technical measures to ensure that your data is only used for the prescribed purpose and is protected.

Our Social Media Pages

The protection of your privacy when processing personal data is important to us. We process personal data transmitted to us, which is collected during your visit to our respective social media page (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), confidentially and only in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Responsibility for the processing of your data via our social media site is the respective operator of the social media site (see examples below) together with us.

Data processing by the Social Media Service

The social media service processes your personal data as soon as you use our respective social media site. Processing is linked, for example, to the following usage processes:

  • View a page or post or video from a page

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to a page

  • Mark a page or post with "I like" or "I don't like anymore" or similar functions

  • Recommend a page in a post or comment

  • Comment on, share or respond to a page post (including the type of response)

  • Hide a page contribution or report as spam

  • From another site, click on the social media provider or from a website outside the social media provider on a link that leads to the page

  • Move the mouse over the name or profile picture of a page to see a preview of the page contents

  • Use functions of the social media provider, such as the website, phone number, "plan route" button or any other button on a page

  • The information whether the login is made via a computer or a mobile device

You can find out which personal data is collected by the social media provider, how it is processed and which data protection rights you have with the social media provider in the following data protection guidelines of the social media provider. We have no influence on the data processing by the social media provider following the survey.

Social Media - Data processing by us

On the website provided by us via the social media provider, the social media provider grants us access to the following data categories:

  • The social media provider grants us access to statistical analysis that provide information about the use of our social media website. The analyses visible to us do not allow us to individually analyse the usage behaviour of individuals. We can only view aggregated data (such as number of hits, likes, followers, region of origin, age group, gender etc.) that tells us about our audience and the use of our social media site. The data of the respective user on which the analyses are based are not transmitted to us.

  • We can set the target group to be reached for the social media website or for individual published articles. The setting is based on general parameters (e.g. age group, language, region, interests) that can be used to align our content with specific groups. It is not possible for us to address or identify individual persons on the basis of the data provided to us by the social media provider.

  • If you contact us directly via the social media provider or interact with us in any other way and consciously transmit personal data (e.g. direct networking with our social media website), we store and process this personal data for the purposes for which you transmitted it to us.

  • We process this data exclusively for the purpose of making content on our social media website known to the target group and to better understand and optimise the use of our social media website.

In addition, we cannot influence the data processing (for the provision of this data upstream) by the social media provider.

Which personal data is collected from the respective social media provider, how these are processed and which data protection rights you have with the respective social media provider, please refer to the following data protection guidelines of the respective social media provider.

What type of cookies we use and how they work

What are “cookies”?

Cookies are small pieces of text files normally consisting of just letters and numbers, which online services provide when users visit them. These are stored in a special memory area of your browser and send them back to the website next time they visit. However, cookies cannot be used to start programs or transfer viruses to a computer. Cookies are set when you visit our website or a so-called pixel-code/web beacon causes a cookie to be set. However, cookies can only be read by the web server of the same domain from which they were originally set.

You can also view our website without cookies. Internet browsers are regularly set to accept cookies. In order to prevent the use of cookies by your internet browser, you can deactivate the use of cookies via the settings of your internet browser and delete cookies that have already been set. The help functions of your internet browser tell you how to deactivate and delete cookies in your browser. Please note that the deactivation/deletion of cookies may result in individual functions of our website no longer functioning as expected. Cookies, which may be required for certain functions of our website, are shown below. In addition, the deactivation/deletion of cookies only affects the internet browser used here. For other internet browsers, the deactivation/deletion of cookies must therefore be repeated accordingly.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are a specific technology that store information between website visits. They are used in numerous ways, such as:

  • remembering what’s in a shopping basket when shopping for goods online

  • supporting users to log in to a website

  • analysing traffic to a website or

  • tracking users' browsing behaviour

Cookies can be useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. Without cookies, or some other similar method, we would have no way to ‘remember’ anything about visitors, such as how many items are in a shopping basket or whether they are logged in.

Session cookies

As part of the provision of our websites, we use session cookies which we store on your device when you visit our website - regardless of your selection as part of the tracking banner - and which are always deleted automatically when you close the internet browser (i.e. close the program). This enables us to provide you with various functions on our website using the information in the cookies.

We use the following session cookies, which we use for certain functions, which do not contain personal data, for the following purposes:

  • to ensure the failure free playback of video or audio content (for example, YouTube Videos)

  • temporarily store certain user inputs (e.g. contents of a shopping basket or an online form)

  • improvement of user-friendliness and statistical range measurement

Session cookies, which we use for certain functions, with personal data:

  • Session cookies that are used to temporarily identify or authenticate a user (e.g. by a session ID to temporarily save the contents of the shopping basket)

Session cookies are automatically deleted after the internet browser is closed, at the latest, however, at the end of the life-span of the respective cookie.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that remain stored on your device, even after you have closed your internet browser. We use the information in these cookies to provide you with convenient functions on our website (e.g. to save certain user preferences or for search), but also to collect your usage behaviour on our website and to use this information to improve our website (e.g. to detect errors) and to personalise advertising for you.

Persistent cookies with personal data to collect your usage behaviour are only processed with your consent, which you can give us the first time you visit our website via the tracking-banner displayed there. You can revoke your consent to the processing of your usage behaviour at any time by deleting all cookies set in your internet browser. In this case, however, it may be necessary to make a new decision about using cookies for the purpose via the tracking-banner. You can also revoke your consent to individual web analytics/marketing tools through your internet browser options.

Data from persistent cookies are stored until the end of the term of the respective cookie or until the cookies are deleted by you.

Web analytics in using user profiles

We use web analytics tools for the purposes of advertising, market research and for user feedback on the design of our website. For these purposes, we use analysis cookies to collect and process usage data about your visit to our website. The collection of your usage data and the creation of a usage profile from it is carried out using a cookie ID. Your IP address is either not collected or anonymised immediately after collection. Therefore, it is not possible to directly deduce your identity from the ID used. You can find below additional information on the web analytics tools we and our partners use and how you can prevent or restrict the particular web analytics tool from collecting and processing your data.

Google Analytics

For web analytics we use Google Analytics. The information relating to your use of our website is transferred to Google servers, analysed and solely returned to us as cumulative data. This data allows us to: identify returning users on the website; identify user journeys within the website and supplement customer marketing data; and perform cross device tracking. We do not match the resultant usage profiles with your name or any other details that could disclose your identity, such as your e-mail address. You can find information about how Google Analytics cookies work via the following link: You can also find out more about outing out of this tracking by visiting Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

Cookie Title Purpose More information
Ideal World & Google Analytics


1st Party; persistent

Expiration – 30 days
(a) To identify returning users on the website within our internal monitoring systems.

(b) The cookie is also used to populate a user ID field for Google Analytics. This is to identify user journeys within the website and supplement customer marketing data.

(c) Google Analytics also uses this to perform cross device tracking, meaning that it is possible to identify users on different devices as one user within our analytics solution; Google Analytics.
To opt out of Google Analytics tracking or to read Google’s privacy policy, please click here and follow the on-screen instructions.
Google Analytics


1st party; persistent

Expiration 1-730 days
These cookies are used to store information that helps us improve our website. These cookies can remain in your browser for up to 3 years. For more information, please visit here.


3rd party
Used as a social sharing tool to help allow our content to be shared on various social networks. For more information, please visit

attn:/attentive_id/dv/ss_referrer/pv/cco/ attntv_mstore email/mstore_phone/attentive_client_user_id/

1st party; persistent

Expiration – 30 mins to 390 days
Tracks promotional activity to enhance customer experience. For more information, check here: Ideal World Cookie Info - Click Here.

Cases where we transmit your data

We work together with a number of service providers to implement and operate services provided to you. We have chosen these service providers carefully and concluded relevant data protection clauses/agreements with each individual service provider to keep your information safe. These service providers include (but are not limited to): Rocket UK Limited, Verifone, Evri, Tuffnells Barclaycard, Amex, Paypal, Clearpay.

We only transmit your data to other recipients where necessary to fulfil a contract with you, where we or the recipient has a legitimate interest in the disclosure of your data, or where you have given your consent to that transmission. In some limited cases this will include the transfer of data outside of the EEA. In these instances, we will ensure that due diligence is undertaken in respect of the supplier and we will ensure that the supplier enters into a data protection agreement. In such cases, your data will be processed in accordance with the data protection regulations of the recipient of your data concerned. These recipients include service providers. Furthermore, data may be transmitted to other recipients in the event that we are obliged to do so due to legal provisions or enforceable administrative or court orders.

If you have any questions relating to data protection or exercising your rights, you can use the following contact information to get in touch with us directly:
Ideal World Limited
Ideal Home House
Newark Road