Fitness Workout Videos

Get the most out of your fitness products by learning from the professionals.

Our easy video guides are available to give you new ideas. Enabling you to use your fitness equipment more often and get the results you desire.

In our fitness demonstrations we often challenge our presenters, guests and models to the famous "3-Minute Challenge." You can watch these in this collection of videos. These are excellent ways to learn new ways to work out and get fit on your favourite machine.

Be inspired and watch our videos to join in the fun.


Get a full-body work-out using 'Flow Resistance Training'. Water flows freely inside the Aquatube, creating a constantly varying, reactive resistance which is designed to activate and exercise your muscles. Change the level of workout just by adding or pouring out the water!

Vibrapower Disc 2

Super-charge your workout: Stand on the platform and do your normal exercise routine and you will activate more muscle fibres than you would normally do with the tonic stretch/reflex action.

Fitness Bikes

Get the benefits of biking in the comfort of your own home, and without the fees of a class in the gym. We have a fitness bike solution regardless of the size of your home or your budget. Perfect for any cardio fan.


Vibrapower Disc 2 (Beginner)

Vibrapower Disc 2 (Intermediate)

Vibrapower HIIT

Indoor Cycling Workouts